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The Sands, Sandton. Cool, smooth and attractive  guys such as Maps Maponyane have historically, represented AXE and other personal care brands in advertising. It would be great if all guys were like Maps. But AXE appreciates that we’re not . Guys are clumsy, make bad fashion decisions and  sometimes we’re just plain weird.

With this understanding in mind, AXE is  talking to ALL  our 18 – 24 year old male consumers  and saying:

“That’s ok. We’re guys. Not superheroes.
Using AXE isn’t going to change that.
We’re a deodorant brand.
Our Body sprays smell great.
Our anti-perspirants keep you dry and fresh.
That’s what we do”

SO we say “Go ahead and be a guy.
Be uncool sometimes.
Just use AXE to smell great and
Stay freshwhile you’re at it.”


How does AXE want these consumers to respond? Get guys to commit to using AXE Dry by commenting with the hashtag #YouGottaDry on campaign content which puts  them in line to stand a chance of winning some really UNCOOL prizes such as Bluetooth gloves, Banana Oven Mits, LED glasses, an Inflatable sumo suit and more

Why Uncool  Prizes?

Because guys don’t need to be cool all the time. As long as they’re using AXE Dry to stay fresh, we know they’re cool, even when they’re not.

The campaign will live entirely on social timelines.

Where does Xzibit fit in?

To land this message we needed a crusader
A man styled all in white as a metaphor for everything AXE DRY embodies- the coolness, the freshness and the attractiveness.

The video can be found on the AXE social media platforms and competition entries are open from 01 April until 31 May 2016.

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