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South African Rapper – K.O takes Skhanda Republic to the UK

Lately we’ve come to see South African Hip- Hop artists take their home-grown sound across borders, including the United Kingdom, where Hip-Hop culture has been prominent since the early 1980’s.KO_UK

K.O, real name, Ntokozo Mdluli, who recently released his latest smash hit ‘Ding Dong’, the 7th single off his debut solo album ‘Skhanda Republic’, is proud to announce a UK performance & Publicity  tour, which kicks off on Wednesday, 18th November 2015. KO who is a South African Rapper, rose to prominence with the group Teargas after releasing their critically acclaimed debut album K’shubile K’bovu  in 2006.

KO 2Teargas, which then had three members, K.O, Ntukza and Ma-E, later released three other albums titled, Wafa Wafa (2008), Dark or Blue (2009) and Number Number (2012) (stylized as Num8er Num8er) which were all commercially successful. K.O, co-runs a music and entertainment company called “Cashtime Life”.

K.O released the singles “Mission Statement”,”Son of a Gun”, “Caracara” and Skhanda Love preceding the release of his solo debut studio album, Skhanda Republic which was released on November 7, 2014.

With the success of his album, having recently, gone platinum, K.O continues to grow his fan base across oceans. His U.K visit will consist of radio tours, performances and a sit down interview with respected radio host, Tim Westwood, DJ Edu & many more.

The tour will kick off on the 18th November 2015 and ends on 23rd November 2015. K.O will venture through the United Kingdom, showcasing his album as well as his new material.

All the best to Mr CashTime, you can follow his journey on Twitter: @MrCashTime | Instagram: @MrCashTime

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