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A Night with the Wolf Pack

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An intimate evening with a select few was hosted in the Glenvilet Room at Brooklyn Bridge’s very own Kream Restaurant. Guests arrived expectant and intrigued to find out more about the so-called ‘Wolf Pack of Brooklyn Bridge’.

The evening commenced with the pack coming round to meet guests briefly before the tastings for the evening proceeded. The specially curated menu started with a serving of crayfish sausage with preserved lemon foam, compressed watermelon & mint coulis. This was paired, like all the courses to follow, with specifically selected wines by Kream partner and sommelier, Sean Trollip. He capti- vated audiences with his intricate knowledge and tales regarding the wine.


The subsequent courses saw guests enjoying cured duck breast; fillet perigordine; with the swan song on the menu being a delightful dessert – the highlight of which was the watermelon gelato ac- companiment. The food and ambience was warm and intimate. Conversation, like the wine, flowed throughout the course of the evening.
Lizette, the alpha female of the pack, joined guests at the start of the evening. Though seemingly quiet, Lizette has an intricate understanding of the workings of the restaurant. She has been a part of Kream since its very inception 8 years ago. Tufan Yerebakan (Kream’s founder) interviewed her for a post and remarked ‘you’ll fit right in’ to her. Fit in she definitely does. She considers the Kream team family and could not see herself anywhere else.



Sean was an integral part of the evening and gave guests a seamless experience. Described as romantic and passionate, Tufan sees him as his successor – the soon to be other alpha male of the pack. Sean started his career as a waiter at Kream and through his passion and dedication, became a partner and has exciting projects coming up with Kream.

Victor and Tufan joined guests before their final course of the evening. Their arrival in the room brought a new energy. Guests were relaxed, enjoyed some tequila shots with them and engaged in some animated conversation. The two of them are integral members of the pack who also bring distinctive flavour to the Kream offering… Their stories are soon to follow.

It was a splendid evening and left guests feeling warmed. Guests got a small taste of the Wolf Pack of Brooklyn Bridge and the mystery continues to unfold.
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