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Welcome to KingsVilla with Zim Hip Hop Artist, ASAPH

Zimbabwean Hip Hop artist, ASAPH drops his new album, KingsVilla a complete shift from his previous works.
Asaph1It has been a good year for Zimbabwean Music, and hip hop has contributed immensely to this good year. After listening to his catchy single, Mr Dhliwayo, I had to chat with him about his album.  Here is the Question & Answer session with Asaph.

Q: Who is ASAPH?

A: Asaph is a Bulawayo rapper from the Northend neighbourhood.

Q: Why the change in name from Kwanfire to ASAPH?

A: Well I used to be called Kwanfire but I decided to change my name because it made me sound like a battle rapper or some kind of Zim Dance Hall artist. Then one day I was reading the Psalms and saw one of the Psalms was written by a man named Asaph. After doing research on the name I fell in love with the meaning and decided to become Asaph.

Q: You shifted from Gospel Hip Hop to mainstream, why and what’s different with this project from the ones before?

A: One of the reasons I decided to stop doing gospel rap was because I wanted to be the best. Not just the best gospel rapper but the best rapper, period. When you’re doing gospel rap people don’t see you as a “real” rapper, they see you as a pastor or whatever and that is not what I want to be, I just want to rap. With the music I make now, people can expect a more real and honest approach, but I try and maintain the value of knowledge and wisdom that was found in my old projects.

Asaph2Q: How do you deal with negativity in the industry?

A: People will always have something bad to say, its human nature. If they did it to the Son of God they will do it to me and I won’t get mad at it because they are just doing what humans do.

Q: What should we expect from this album?

A: A real and authentic Bulawayo and Zimbabwean story.

Q: Who is your go to person?

A: My go to person is the Head Designer of Ara Kani, Nkululeko Ncube, that’s my family right there.

Q: Where to from now?

A: Now I am focusing on building the culture. KingsVilla has been released and that’s all good, but now we have to build the culture. I am talking about shows, the fashion, speaking to the youth about real issues, parties and everything else that will add value to the Zimbabwean Hip Hop culture.

Asaph3Q: Your sister features a lot in your projects, what are your family values?

A: Yea I always try to involve her in everything I do. She’s my heart. Family comes first and they have to eat before me.

Q: Who is your crush?

A: I have the biggest crush on LochNation, she is a beautiful soul.

Q: Where do we get a hold of your works?

Download KingsVilla:


Twitter @TheBoyAsaph

Instagram @TheBoyAsaph

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