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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Africa’s Cassper Nyovest stays winning

He is the man behind the hit tune Doc Shebeleza and he got us hooked on that line “I’m out here grinding with majita from his song Phumakim.  South African Music Award Winning Hip Hop artist Cassper Nyovest is slowly becoming Africa’s house hold name. The 24 year old artist grew up in Montshiwa in Mafikeng, the capital city of the North West province. Early this year, Cassper Nyovest scooped the most coveted awards and walked away with five trophies at the METRO FM music awards. He has also shared stages with international acts such as Kid CudiKendrick LamarNas ,Talib Kweli and Wiz Khalifa. Right now, he is one of Africa’s most looked up to Hip Hop artists. Any upcoming young musician would die to open for Mr Nyovest.

Cassper Nyovest 1 From all the tours he has been doing across Africa, he has left many hooked to his Doc Doc Shebeleza track. In Southern Africa, small children on the streets are heard singing the song. Whether they understand it or not it is still a catchy tune amongst many, to listen to and sing along. I guess we need to thank Mother Nature that Southern African Nguni languages are intertwined; eventually one will understand what a song from another country means. I am yet to experience the Nyovest vibe live in concert, but from what I have seen on television, the brother delivers always. I managed to briefly catch up with him on his business of music and this is what he had to say.

Gilmore Tee:   Thank you for chatting with me. I would like you to take me to the young Cassper Nyovest, who was he?

Cassper Nyovest: I grew up in the hood; I’m from a small town in Mafikeng called Montshiwa in the North West. My parents are teachers by profession and my mom was living in a good neighbourhood but dad was in the hood. I used to hang around a lot of thugs and I looked up to them but somehow I never got in trouble.

Gilmore Tee:   Are there a lot of changes or similarities to your dreams back then and the current ones?

Cassper Nyovest: Yes and No. I’ve always wanted to be successful; my dreams have just gotten bigger.

Gilmore Tee:   How did you get to be part of Motswako?

Cassper Nyovest:  Motswako means a mixture. It’s the result of what would happen if Hip hop, Kwaito , Trap, House, dubstep and Afro beat had a baby. I was a house music lover until my late brother introduced me to HIP HOP when I was a teenager. I’ve always enjoyed fusing different sounds and I looked up to people like HHP.

Gilmore Tee:   Please give me some highlights into the beginning of your early musical days?

Cassper Nyovest:  I was a member of CHG (Childhood Gangsters) in 2004, Later on in the same year I joined another group “Slow Motion” which had 8 members including Ganja Beatz Producer Aashish Gangaram of Feel d’ Dream Entertainment. In 2008 at age 17, I got a recording deal with “impact Sounds”, arguably the strongest Motswako label at the time with artists like Tuks Senganga & Morafe.

Cassper-Nyovest2Gilmore Tee:   Who are some of the individuals you worked with and what did they contribute to your journey?

Cassper Nyovest: HHP has definitely been one of the biggest and most consistent people that I’ve worked with, he took me on tour with him around South Africa multiple times, and crossing over to international shows in Botswana, Ghana, Lesotho, Namibia, and Mozambique. I was also blessed to tour the UK with HHP and Tuks in December 2011 performing in Camden – London and Milton – Keyes.

Gilmore Tee:   A few years down the line, we are singing along to some tracks off your debut album, how was the journey in producing it?

Cassper Nyovest: It took me 10 years. It’s been an emotional journey, but definitely a blessed one. I could only put it out when it was perfect.

Gilmore Tee:   You recently performed in Zimbabwe, why the need to reach out to that part of Africa?

Cassper Nyovest: I just want to show my appreciation to my fans. It’s crazy when I get all that love from fans outside of my home country, South Africa.

Cassper-Nyovest-Pic2Gilmore Tee:   What’s your take on the Zimbabwean Hip Hop scene?

Cassper Nyovest: It’s definitely growing

Gilmore Tee:   South African Hip Hop will stand against American Hip Hop because …

Cassper Nyovest:we keep our sound African.

Gilmore Tee:   The first Album, a BANGER we are all singing to it from every corner of the world, what next?

Cassper Nyovest: Tsholofelo will go platinum. Look out for my Platinum edition, only 10 thousand copies available

Gilmore Tee:   What do you want your listeners to remain with after listening to you?

Cassper Nyovest: The love and appreciation of music.

From my end I do appreciate every track I have heard from his debut album and you can also listen to his captivating lyrical content on and follow him on Twitter at @CassperNyovest. Trust me, whether you understand the language or not, I am sure you will be hitting him up on twitter telling him how DOPE his tracks are, or better yet, singing along to them.

Hit me up on Twitter @GilmoreTee HashTag #OTNGtee & let me know on your take on this African giant, Cassper Nyovest.

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