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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Amantle Mokubung, not an air head

Africa is blessed with a whole lot of beauties. We have the Gorg Vimbai Mutinhiri, beau Bonang Matheba and Nigeria’s Genevieve Nnaji gracing every corner of our beautiful continent. What I find unique about these ladies is the way they transformed their passions into their businesses. 484230_10151331338018596_1851223382_nTalk about South Africa, Bonang Matheba, amongst many, will pop up sooner than you think. She is the business in South Africa. Big Brother Africa’s Vimbai Mutinhiri is one individual who has represented Zimbabwe all the way to Nollywood, she is not an air head, but has a lot to offer up her sleeves. Twitter verified, Genevieve Nnaji has been named many things by many publications and acknowledged as a strong counterpart in Africa as a whole. The Nigerian Actress is one reason many are proud to be African. Not far from these ladies is Amantle Mokubung, a brand ambassador, model and tv presenter from South Africa. Her striking features come with a lot of hard work and education. I chat with her on her direction, Xenophobia and what her role is in addressing it.

Who is Amantle Mokubung?

Amantle is the Brand Ambassador for Luxury Cosmetics, model workshops host, model signed to Talent-ETC, trained television presenter and a Marketer from Mafikeng in the North West province of South Africa. Ambitious and committed to my dreams; I’m always focused on what could go right than what could possibly go wrong while working on any project. I’m in pursuit of the magic that lies in trying out everything that I’ve always wished for and give me that adrenalin rush…just to make my time here on earth memorable.

Why do you do what you do?

Everything that I currently do is what used to be my dream; I’ve always had the desire to end up doing what I do in the way that I do it. With regards to the workshops and the ladies events that I host, I do them not only because I enjoy spending time with like-minded people but also because I love seeing people grow into a better version of themselves. When people mail or call me to tell me that the bit of insight that I shared with them has changed their life in some way, I feel complete.

_Z2D7495 What do you hope to achieve through your works?

I hope to make a living out of it and continue to positively impact the lives of young African women.

Tell us more about the event that you are hosting in September.

It’s an intimate ladies event that I’m hosting in conjunction with Stila Cosmetics. I’m still in talks with three other brands. It’s more of a “stop, breathe, you are doing fine” type of event during which we’ll share tips on image, wellness, fashion and topics relating to the modern African woman. It’s an extension of the model workshops I used to host aimed at a slightly older market. This time around I’ll be focusing on interests and challenges that ladies my age come across as well as milestones that we celebrate. I’ll keep posting updates on my social media pages.

Modelling as a business, how viable is it in Africa as a whole?

As cliché as it may sound; beauty with brains is fast becoming a bankable commodity in Africa as a whole. Brands continue to look for brand ambassadors, thought leaders and influencers in Africa. As a model, when you have both the looks and the brains, as well as the ability to remain relevant, then you are likely to be in the business for the long haul. With the change of Africa’s social and media landscape; the rise in the number of devices, social media growth and the change in Africa’s media consumption comes the need for models that can carry the brand effortlessly and authentically across different channels, using both beauty and brains.

You have been in quite a few magazines, how do you keep level headed as a young lady in the business?

I still feel like I haven’t done enough to potentially inflate my head. Knowing that I still have a long way to go and being in the corporate world while I juggle everything else that I’m doing helps to keep me level headed.

_Z2D7538 copy 2Is there space for African achievers, especially the feminine group?

Oh most definitely! I think now is our time. From business, construction, science right across to fashion, there’s publications and awards that celebrate African female achievers in different industries. There are now seminars, workshops and opportunities to mentor and groom African females who are hungry to step up to the plate.

South Africa and xenophobia, what is your role in addressing that?

Addressing xenophobia is bigger than the hashtags and the “social media movements”. I feel it goes right down to an individual’s mind-set, upbringing and values. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a time during which South Africa was going through a major shift, I started school in 1994. My friends at pre-school were from different race groups and countries. Back then, I was not aware of it. A diverse South Africa is all I knew; I remember asking to be moved to a different primary school because we all looked the same, sounded the same and conversed in my home language. We can tweet all we want because the world is watching/listening, what really matters is being genuine and treating everyone around you the same regardless of their language, colour or gender. My role is looking beyond this and giving back mutual respect to the people that I meet.

Africa is….different shades and shapes of beauty.

215428_10151331338008596_2113262337_nIn five years I will be…a part of the organising team for the Miss South Africa pageant, the organiser of a big beauty and fashion event in Johannesburg and my relationship with Luxury Cosmetics will have grown to me being the Brand Ambassador for Stila Cosmetics.

One can get hold of you on ….


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Instagram: amantlemokubung

Twitter: Amantle_

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