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THE FEMME TRIBE: Everyday is a woman’s day

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African American Woman

I recently took up my development studies with a local Zimbabwean university & the journey has been an incredible one, but very demanding in every way you can think of. I have grown to believe that one has to take matters into their own hands to obtain things they wish in their lives. While I am 25 years old taking matters into my own hands, so is a mother of 4, an army commander & a house wife.

Femme TribeA few weeks into my studies, I met a mother of 4 whose dreams have not been pushed under the mate yet. Because of her quiet nature, I had never gotten an opportunity to exchange dialogue with her for the first 2 weeks of my studies. A few more days into the development program, I got to know that she is a mother of 4, a nurse by profession, with the last born being a toddler who is still dependent on his mother. The need to advance herself brought the mother into this program and also bringing along her newly born son for lectures.

During lectures, her son will be with a child minder in another room slightly away from our lecture room. Come on guys, this is the extent some woman would go to just to attain education, despite the fact that she has a little child needing her love and care. Violet, the baby mother, as I got to know her name later, highlighted on her journey to these studies. The previous years she had registered for the same program and unfortunately did not pass all modules, hence the repeat. Regardless of the fact that she is a qualified nurse and a mother to 4 children, she still craves to educationally advance herself. This kind of commitment moves my heart and tears of admiration.

In a community where women are looked at as beings that are supposed to just produce and oven children, look after their families, look after their husbands and forget their dreams for their so called responsibility, it moved me that we still have women like Violet. Not only is she the definition of a super woman, but in the same program, I have Buhle who  came for lectures while she was 9 months pregnant and 5 days after the birth of her son, she was back to continue with the rest of the students. It is women like Buhle and Violet who move the world to greater heights than expected. They are strong beings; I pray that their children will grow to hear this version of their events.

India-bombay-flood-relief2We often find excuses on why we do not do certain things, after I got to know the stories of the above women; excuses are not part of my livelihood anymore. In many cases we blame our community, government and families on why we did not do this or that. Listen up, while you are crying and moaning about situations that are not right around you, the world keeps on going round. Opportunities are there for everyone, it is only how hungrier you are that sets you apart from the rest. If a wife, a mother of 4 and a 9 months pregnant woman can go hunt down her dreams despite all the circumstances, why then do you sit around waiting for Santa Claus to drop down the chimney? Wake up and work!

Women’s month is not a valid period in my own opinion, “Every Day is a women’s day”. In a country whose level of unemployment is higher than cloud nine, Zimbabweans, especially women still strive for education and attain their goals with the hope that one day things will change to the better. As a development scholar, it brings many smiles upon my face to see my people take responsibility and mould their future. Development has always been looked at as the 3rd world countries always being dependant to the 1st world countries. It is high time we shift things and take control over our situations, once we have done so we are creating a clearer path for our little ones. The global village needs to empower the femme tribe to take control and allow its community to do just the same.

To every Super Woman out there, Happy EVERY day Women’s day, rule on Kings.

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