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[Product Review] Original Iced Cocktails

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A few weeks ago I received a package from my good friends, Original Iced Cocktails and I passed some to my dear friend and stylist Khethu Xaba to review the delicious and refreshing beverage. Got nothing but love, for these people!!


Here’s what he had to say…

If you are like myself, then you enjoy a good cocktail- let’s be honest it’s always 4pm somewhere in the world. I always feel like cocktails have two main drawbacks, either you are enjoying them in a bar where they eat out your wallet or you are making them at home which entails buying the individual ingredients and mixing them up- and I have to be honest I cannot be bothered with all the work of the latter. That is why premixed cocktails are my favourite, they have the best recipe- buy, freeze and enjoy.


I discovered the Original Iced range a while back when the Singapore Sling was my drink of choice and none of the bartenders in Johannesburg were making it. Since then a love affair with the brand’s cocktails has developed, and I will be honest- it is a polygamous love affair. The Singapore Sling, Strawberry Daiquiri and the Pina Colada have become my top favourites. This relationship might sound complicated but it is built on three simple components. Firstly, the cocktails are mixed well- they taste great and give a great buzz. Secondly, they are a convenient option, I can just get the bulk box and not have to worry about getting the recipe correct and hunting down individual ingredients. Lastly, they are affordable, I do not have to spend over a R150 just on rum or gin alone. Now doesn’t that sound like an easy breezy option? I swear, if all polygamous love affairs were so simple- they would be standard procedure.

Reviewed By: Khethu Xaba

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