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Nonhle Thema X Madison Shoes Over

Is Nonhle Thema backtracking to her old self?!

It has been reported that Nonhle Thema, who was appoint as the ambassador in April 2014, labeled Botswanas’ young ladies as ” skinny, ugly and Aids infected” while on a call. as she recently visited the country to promote the shoes.

And Madison had this to say after word got out…

“Due to the alleged circumstances of this trip and its repercussions, we regret to announce Ms Nonhle Thema is no longer the brand ambassador for Madison, The Heart of New York shoes.

Madison shoes will be donating R10 000 towards AIDS awareness in Botswana and will work alongside the OPTIONS brand which stocks Madison shoes in Botswana to raise money and awareness in regards to AIDS related illnesses.”

Then Ms Nonhle went to twitter to say that she did not make any money from the deal but just got shoes…

And Madison has this to say in response:

“Thema’s brand ambassador agreement was structured to allow her to garner revenue from sales of shoes.”

“We would like to clearly state that monies and percentages were agreed on and all monies paid directly to Ms Thema. Any outstanding amounts owed to Nonhle Thema have been agreed upon by the brand and will be paid out as well.”

Nonhle also received 10 pairs of shoes plus four extra pairs per season to attend special events/ photo shoots

Hai Nonhle, as things were looking up you go and mess things up for yourself. Well sometimes your worst enemy is yourself…

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