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Cape Town based pop group GOODLUCK launch the third single titled “What Would We Be Without Each Other?” from their twice-SAMA nominated album Creature Of The Night on Monday 9 June.

The single will be launched hand-in-hand with an innovative social campaign that encourages the public to give gratitude to those that have helped them in their lives – from domestic workers, to friends, to managers, to bosses, even to celebrities – anybody that somehow influenced their lives by recording a simple video of thanks, and loading onto Goodluck’s social network streams with the hashtag #WhatWouldWeBe.

After the enormous success that the singles “Trickery” and “Figure Of 8” the band are now ready to wow their fans with a song that personally means a great deal to them.

“The way we felt when the song was created and born was one of acknowledgment and gratitude towards the people that have made significant impact on and helped shape our lives. People who have made it possible to be alive and live our dreams. Their sacrifices, of which there are too many to list, are what we think of when we sing “What Would We Be Without Each Other”, says Juliet Harding, lead singer of GoodLuck

Get creative and film yourself giving a person a message, gift or a hug, showing your appreciation. Upload your video to either Twitter (@GoodLuckLive), Facebook ( or the website and hashtag #WhatWoulWeBe to spread the love. Get your friends, family and pets involved and lets spread the love and gratitude, far and wide.

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