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A Nation of Passive Drinkers

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One way or another, alcohol abuse affects everyone living in South Africa. A five year old might not be drinking, but when he drives around the corner with his father who has been drinking chances of him coming home alive are slim. So question is whether we becoming a nation of passive drinkers?


Passive smoking occurs when a non-smoker inhales the smoke from the cigarette so passive drinking can be simply explained as follows; when I am driving on the same road as someone who has been out drinking and did not think twice before getting into their car. Therefore I the sober driver end up in hospital or even worse dead and what’s my crime? Being a passive drinker is my crime research points out that 60% of road traffic deaths in South Africa involve alcohol as report by the World Health Organisation in 2009. Passive drinking seems to be more dangerous as they are affected directly and indirectly. Families and friends lose their loved one because a driver would not admit their state of mind at that time. Seeing that the next club is just a block away, but is it really? As alcohol abuse does influence ones judgement and the pressures of being cool kicks in. But how cool will one be when their friends are being covered with tin foil at 1:30am and the driver is left on the side walk to think about what they did?


Perhaps the legal blood alcohol concentration in South Africa is too high, or are we a nation that accepts bribes to overlook the impact of alcohol abuse? Like it or not alcohol kills 3.3 million people worldwide each year according to Times Live. This is more than AIDS, TB and violence combined, and what are more scared of? AIDS or being a victim of violence in South African tops many peoples’ list of their biggest fears. While being a passive drinker does not even make the list, so I ask again are we a nation of passive drinkers?

That extra glass of wine, will probably affect three or more people who have never even tasted alcohol, so think wise and drink wise.

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