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South African House Duo, Liquideep Split

So Ziyon from Liquideep made it public knowledge today that Liquideep is spilting to pursue their own ventures. Did we see this coming? Kinda because MiCasa just killed them and other groups like The Soil and The Muffinz are not helping either.

So here’s the open letter from Ziyon:

This is a message I knew I would have to write at some point. I know that some have been speculating about whats happening. Something I completely understand. In order to keep from any confusion, this my open letter regarding what’s going on.         

The reality is, Yes, as a collective,  Liquideep will no longer be releasing any new material nor will we be performing together. We wanted to share this in a recent tv interview that we did, but unfortunately the interviewer was looking for drama instead of allowing us to speak to our fans in a positive light about whats happening.

To those who got the wrong impression of me with that interview, I do apologize. To those who could see what was happening, thank you for understanding and for still encouraging me.

In regards to Liquideep, we are both taking different directions both personally and career wise. Naturally,  this affects things moving forward. Though I do feel that there is a lot of positive things that will come from this new endeavor, I will say that it wasn’t an easy decision for us to come to. All we ask is for your prayers.

From me, I’d like to say thank you to all of our fans who have been behind us through all of our ups and downs. We will never forget how good you have all been to us.

For the rest of the year,  I will honour all of the dates we agreed to. So far, that has already been happening. So if you only see me, now you won’t be surprised. ^_^

I am busy working to complete my solo album “Audio Alchemy” which will be released in July, this year. Music is my passion. Something I will never turn from. I need your support. Thank you to those who have encouraged me to make this move. I am very excited about this new chapter, and look forward to sharing with you.

May you continue to feel joy in every area of your life. May faith guide you to the reality you planted in your dreams.

Love & Light,


Let us know your thoughts on this.

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