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Lindiwe Suttle scoops prestigious win in the  ‘John Lennon International Songwriting Award’ competition 

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Edgy South African singer songwriter Lindiwe Suttle recently won the ‘John Lennon Songwriting Award’ in the R&B category for her dreamy self-penned song Twilight. The track is an ode to passed legends Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, artists who inspired her foray into music many years ago.


This first round success, which pitted her against some of the worlds best songwriters, now puts her in contention for the ‘Song Of The Year’ prize in which she will go head-to-head with top international songwriters for the ‘Maxwell’ prize of US$20 000.


Lindiwe is ecstatic to have received this accolade.  “It is ironic to win for the song, Twilight, as it was inspired by my childhood musical heroes, and how my parents were afraid of me getting into the music industry.  Winning a music award solidifies that I am moving in the right direction.  I wrote the lyrics “from the twilight to the twilight temptations lurking, it’s all the same bad news, blood will tell what’s killing you.”


Suttle, who currently resides in Berlin, has become increasingly known for her cutting-edge fashion sense and emotive music.  Her rapid growth as an artist has come as a result of the unwavering artistic integrity instilled in her by German music legend, Marius Mueller-Western Hagen – the catalyst behind her move to Europe.  Lindiwe believes that her win for Twilight further validates her choice to prioritise her art.


The singer plans to use the momentum of her win and second round nomination as a springboard for her upcoming album ‘Kamikaze Art’, which is slated for an international release in the first quarter of 2014.


“A Kamikaze artist walks to the beat of their own drum.  It’s about embracing your individualism, being the flag bearer amongst the masses”, says Lindiwe.  Definitely a fitting comment from an artist that is waving the flag high for South Africa on the international stage. 


Watch her new video: Kamikaze Art

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