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[Interview] Liquideep chats more about “Welcome Aboard”

The Liquideep duo has returned with their latest offering “Welcome Aboard” after their 3 year break. With the duo set to tour South Africa later in the year, we got a chance to chat with them about their latest offering.

1.You have just released “Welcome Aboard” how has the reception been after the 3 year ‘break’?

So far the reception has been positive; we have people picking up the album from different countries and showing love to what they hear! :)

2. How is “Welcome Aboard” different to “Fabrics of the Heart”?
-It’s still Liquideep; but we have intentionally taken untraveled routes on this album; we went a bit experimental on most of the tunes, and this made the whole album complete cause all tracks are connected! the whole album is a story, it’s a journey …

3. What hit single from your latest album do you anticipate to blow up?
-We really don’t have an idea, but our first single ‘Welcome Aboard’ is receiving a lot of love, and the video is dropping in a couple of weeks so this will help the track reach a wider audience.

4. Who or what inspired this album?
– This album is inspired by real life situations; it’s a roller coaster ride of emotions; it’s a really moody album … goes from happy to the other side of the emotional spectrum just like that!!

5. Who did you feature on this album?
- We have collaborated with other musicians in this album; we worked with: Khuli Chana, Ice Prince (from Naija), Mellisa Allison in vocals aswell as Gregor Salto (Amaterdam) and Larry Hears (USA) … this collaborations added to the fresh sound that we where striving for. And we also use a lot of live instruments to make it more musical rather than just the mundane digitally sounding tracks. 

6. Your latest album received a lot of accolades; does this put a lot of pressure on you to top your latest album?
 -No, not really; we make music as a tool to transfer our real life experiences and hope that those who get in contact with it do feel that it was created from a genuine point of view, if we get recognized by the award bodies this is always treated as a ‘cherry on top’

7. What can we look forward to from you for the rest of the year?

– We are working very hard to add fresh dynamics to our live performances; so people can expect a lot of energy and creativity next time they see us on stage, there’s also going to be a tour later this year … we also going to continue growing our record label ‘Mentalwave’ and make sure our label mates: Karabo and Soletek get to be heard by South Africa 

8. What would you like to say to your fans?
– We would like to welcome them aboard our new venture; we promise to give them nothing but a fresh perspective on our take on this thing called music!

Wishing this duo all the luck!!
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