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A fusion of the seductive sweetness of the forbidden fruit and the energising kiss of ginger, the new Brutal Fruit Apple- Ginger boasts a certain zing with its twist of flavours which will excite your taste buds.

Bonang Matheba the official Brutal Fruit ambassador has come up with her own exciting cocktail, the B*Sting. Bonang has been enjoying the Brutal Fruit Apple Ginger 275ml slim line can and wants to share it with you to enjoy.

Name: B*Sting

Glass: Martini or tumbler

Demographic: Female

Serves: 1


*Brutal Fruit Apple-Ginger·        

*Fresh Apple Juice·        

*White Wine (Semi Sweet)·        

*Crushed Ice 

 Method: *Tip: Make sure all your ingredients are cold!

1.       Mix Brutal Fruit Apple, fresh apple juice, white wine and ice into a cocktail shaker

2.       Shake it up

3.       Sugar -coat the lip of the glass (use either a tumbler or martini glass) and garnish with either a strawberry or grape or both.

Garnish:  Strawberries and or grapes dipped in colour sugar for an extra pinch of pizzazz

*Rule of thumb for 1 cocktail use 50ml per ingredient and for larger quantities times by number of cocktails to be made.

Happy Phuza Thursday!!

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