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WHAT EVERY WOMAN SHOULD HAVE: in their purse before they hit the Club!

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Ladies PAa-LIZ don’t get stuck on the struggle bus at the club any more!!! Always be prepared for the worst and the best situation!!

Here are some items you should stock in your gorgeous clutches…

Blotting sheets (removes excess shine and oil on ur face)





Compact mirror with brush



Lip Gloss/Lip Stick




Miniature Fragrance (KEEP THE FUNK AT BAY)


Mint gum (duh…don’t be caught with luscious lips and stank breath)


2 Summer’s Eve (feminine) Wipes…’nough said






Tiny Black rubber bands (not just for hair but use to hold a rip in your stalkings/rip in ur shirt…)



Trust and believe me, these little items will come in handy and YES they will all fit in that tiny little clutch without looking extra bulky!!! Keep it fresh and not so funky dolls!!!!



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