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VIDEO PREMIERE: Tehn Diamond – “Happy” ft. Jnr Brown

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This makes me all kinds of HAPPY!!! *pun not really intended*

The music video for “Happy” by Zimbabwean-based rapper Tehn Diamond featuring Jr. Brown just dropped. The visuals for this is MAD CRAZY beautiful!!

Tehn Diamond

Talking about his video, this is what Tehn Diamond had to say:

Lemme break it down to you like this. In a city where we’ve had at least 280 days of actual ACTUAL sunshine, the day that we chose to shoot the video for mine and Jnr. Brown’s hit single “Happy” . . . the sun just didn’t come out.

I wanted to throw my toys out the cot. But Enqore of NafunaTV, our esteemed director and all-round Alpha Geek, was pretty sure of the fact that everything was gonna be just fine. So you know what ? I trusted him. And you know what ?

Shit turned out pretty friggin’ AMAZING !!!

And AMAZING the optics for “Happy” are!

Check it:


*This HAS to be nominated for 2013 Channel O, MTV Africa Music awards something…that brilliant!


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