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FAB INTERVIEW: FaraiToday Interviews Rapper COMMON For BlackTree TV

Happy holidays beautiful people!

It has been a whirlwind of a season, busy, hectic but bless GOD! Sincere and mucho apologies folks for the sporadic posts…we have changes coming up for the new year! YAY!

So I recently sat down with rapper, Common and his co-star, Michael Rainey Jr. at the Parker Medirien Hotel in New York City for their new movie LUV.  Written and directed by Sheldon Candis, and scheduled for release in 2013, LUV also stars Meagan Good, Danny Glover, Dennis Haysbert and Charles S. Dutton.

LUV is about an impressionable but shy 13-year-old boy, Woody [Michael Rainey Jr.] who forms a bond with his troubled uncle, Uncle Vincent [Common] throughout the course of a day.

Check it:

This was a fun interview and I do adore my BlackTree TV family *mad crazy fun times always*!

Bonus picture:

In hair and make-up at LeParker Meridien Hotel in Manhattan for press junket for LUV. So why did my BlackTree TV Producer text me during post-production to ask me if I had make-up on for the interviews *smh* *side eyes Jamaal*

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