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Seriously WTF?! South African Media Personality, T-Bo Touch Fined For Cooking Mogodu/Tripe In New York City!

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I have never laughed so much.

When I heard this story, I was rolling on the floor *still got the giggles as I blog*

Like, WTF!?!?

So the story goes that apparently,  Metro FM DJ T-Bo Touch was fined R660 ($ 75) for the cooking mogodu (tripe) at his penthouse in New York City.

His neighbors complained of the stench smell *side-eyes*. T-Bo told the Sunday Sun:

“I was shocked to be fined for cooking my cultural food. But I guess it comes with the territory,”

But tripe does have that smell though. But to pay for cooking what you like OR is part of your culture?!?….come ON son!! as a New Yorker would say…..that ain’t right!

Oh by the way, it’s Mogodu Monday *lol*


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