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Sunday evening I decided to go to the South African Music Awards, to celebrate all things local and lekker!!

Oh boy, my lateness caused me to miss some free drinks and snacks *SMH* anyway…

Having forgotten my spectacles’ at home, I was disappointed at that I was put in the middle of the theater. Got over it eventually and then as we waited for the show to begin we were told to move forward so it can seem full. Hai people don’t support honestly speaking!

And finally the lights were dimmed my heart jumped for joy till I heard some Black Eye Peas playing in the background, haw…

I thought since its South African Dance Awards, we would hear some local tune at least.

After getting over the American music being played, the performances started with SKEEM reliving their days on stage, followed by Boom Shaka. Our hosts for the evening were Thembi Seete and Ishmael, so they had to relive their group hits with other member first.

Boom Shaka on stage

This wasn’t the type of awards you should wear heels for but rather rock your all-stars so you can dance because the setting allowed you to go ghetto for once.

For a Sunday it sure felt like a Friday or Saturday, we were spoilt for choice from the likes of Mzekezeke, Mdu, Thebe *this guy doesn’t age*, Tkzee, Big Nuz, Trompies, Professor, Amu, Mandoza and BOP (Brothers of Peace) just to name a few.

 Professor & Busisiwa performing One Night Stand


 Amu, Glen Lewis & DJ Ganyani collecting their awards

Thebe *this guy still has it hey!!* 


 The yummy DJ Cleo

 Let’s go 50/50 *lol* Mandoza

 Tira and Big Nuz member Danger presenting an award


 Remember Nestum, Arthur’s dancer before Chomee?

 Our Hosts Thembi Seete and Ishmael

 DJ Sbu

 Skeem on stage

Thembi & Ishmael

Overall I had fun and danced like it’s a Friday!!

Highlight of my night…. Almost meeting HHP (Hip Hop Pantsula) *one-day-is-one-day*

Thank you for having us!!

Till next year, on a Saturday I hope!!



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