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In Rihanna and Chris Breezy News….Will It Ever End?! *Sigh*

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Girl meets Boy.

Sparks fly.

Hearts are exchanged.

Boy hits Girl….and 3 years later,  boy Chris Brown is still on probation for his domestic violence offence against, then-girlfriend, Rihanna

He appeared in court yesterday, for the first time in more than year, to sort through his probation record and the impact of a positive marijuana result in a random drug test.

Not so shocking, is the fact that Rihanna wants to step in to help Breezy out. It’s no secret that the Barbados hottie still has a soft spot for him…wait, that’s an understatement…


If RadarOnline is anything to go by, Rihanna is supposedly prepared to go to court on the 1st of November, for Chris Brown’s court appearance, to tell Judge Patricia Schnegg that:

“she shouldn’t set a hearing to decide if he [Chris Brown] violated terms of his probation because he has accepted responsibility of his actions and has apologized to RiRi on multiple occasions”…

…and continue to convince the Judge that Breezy is a changed person.

A part of me feels like this is an attempt to draw Chris back into her love life, however, on the other hand, she could genuinely be feeling sorry for the accused.

Poor Karrueche, Chris Brown’s current girlfriend..wonder, what’s her take on all of this….

We also interested on your take. Let us know what you think.

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