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[INTERVIEW] Getting to know Miza Modibedi!!

Name it he does it, ok maybe not all but he is a DJ, music and television producer, actor and a presenter!

We all know him by the name of Miza, but his real name is Itumeleng Trevor Modibedi, who hails from the Vaal. I meet up with him at McDonalds, after his shooting scenes for his latest television gig (which I promised not to share, but you will soon see him somewhere! ). After embarrassing myself by introducing myself as Miza (I know), we got right into the interview.

Who is Miza Modibedi?

 I am just a guy from kasi, Sebokeng in the Vaal. Who likes entertaining people , shy *giggles*, love acting, deejaying, performing, directing, producing and voice over. Just love meeting new people.

What would your friends say about you using 5 words?

Playful, happy, talented, hardworking and determined.

How did you end up in the entertainment industry?

When I was in grade 11 I did my first voice over, then after I went to an audition for a music show but it was a pilot in Sun City during the SAMAs (South African Music Awards) and that is where my presenting started. And the people who were doing the production has a radio station and said I should come through. But before I got the radio gig, I got a part on Isidingo as a bad boy. So it started off with the acting, the voice over’s, then presenting then radio. It was me reading the newspapers for auditions and going to acting classes in Johannesburg and was just hustling and hustling.

You do so many things at once so how do you juggle all of that?

Everything has its time; currently my music is at the forefront as I am about to release. But I manage everything equally, when I was shooting Tooth and Nails, I had to dedicate time for that. So that is how I juggle thing, and I do not like just lazing around at home makes me wonder if is shouldn’t be doing something.

What do you do in your spare time?

Don’t have much of that, but I play soccer for Super Hero Football Club (SHFC). But otherwise when I do which is usually on Monday (life of a DJ) I just sleep then only will my week will start on Tuesday.

You graduated from AFDA, how important do you think it is for the youth to be educated?

I think getting education period is just important whether it’s just to expend your knowledge or to learn more about what you want to do or whatever reason. Education is important!

Where do you think the South African music industry is heading to?

It is getting better and better. Those who have been relaxing need to pick up their game, because a lot of artists that I have heard recently are gonna drop albums that are blazing this festive season. And the standard of the industry is growing at a fast rate so one has to keep up.

Tell us more about your latest hit single featuring Nolly Nolz (Noluthando Meje) – Feeling?

Well… I had the beat done and Nolly came to the studio and we just played around with the beat. I don’t know what had came on Nolly that day but whatever it is, worked for us. That’s how the song came about. When people heard this song they said it’s ok but wont’ blow up and like I always say, I told them that it will blow up. And look at it now! It is blazing the airways and receiving a lot of love. Maybe I should always say that it won’t blow up so that it can hey.

What other collaborations could we look forward to from your upcoming release?

I have collaborated with Sihle (from the Idols Top 18), but we did the track before her Idols fame and our artist Sbu Nkomo. Although I am not sure if the tracks will make the track listing as I have decided. But it is gonna be a great CD that I can guarantee you and a great December. Y’all will be dancing non-stop!!

As an actor which role has been your favourite and why?

It has to be Spyker, on ‘Streets of Mangaung’ purely because it opened up many doors and was challenging. I wasn’t the natural fit for this character as the character is a gangster. When I went to audition I had to borrow my dad’s clothes so I can look gangster. But when I got to the audition, I thought I didn’t stand a chance as there were these tall, gold chain wearing and gangster lookalike guys auditioning. Only to later find out that I got the part, minus my dad’s clothes (laughs). After that I landed about three roles, even got offered a role as a gay guy in a popular serious but turned it down. I just couldn’t do, it was too sexual for my liking. And after the Spyker character, I am getting approached to do gangster roles, but would prefer new challenges so I can grow as an actor.

Share with us 10 things that people don’t know about you?

1. I’m shy

2. I’m short (laughs)

3. I love peanut butter and jam sandwiches, with Milo

4. I’m very sweet

5. I’m single

6. I hate clubs, even though I play in them

7. I love cars like any other guy

8. Love house, gonna start investing in them soon

9. I love the beach

10. My favourite place is East London and I play soccer

What should we expect next from you from all aspects of your careers?

An album called Feeling EP, the acting, more producing, a new single from Nutty Nys, albums from Nolly Nolz and Sbu Nkomo.

What message do you have for your fans?

I would like them to know that I love them very much and I appreciate them and their love and support from day one. I do get the tweets, Facebook messages and i respond where I can. It is what keeps me going at times, especially when you have those down days. Yes, thanks to them and they must look out for more stuff. They mustn’t hate man; they must help where they can. Be constructive so you can help change when you gonna criticise. When they see me they must come say hi, I don’t bite.

There you have it, say hi to him single ladies he does not bite!

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Peace, Love, Africa!!

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