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GIVING BACK: The Fabulous Philanthropy Of DJ Sbu!!

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One thing that is outstanding about South African celeb & popular media personality, DJ Sbu is his philanthropic endeavors!

Brother gives back…BIG! Particularly to the kids ekasi (township, hood etc).Like, this is part of his life mission and work.

What I love about DJ Sbu is that he uses his public influence and platform to mobilize the younger generation to be responsible and diligent with their education.  I always tell him that he is to African youth, what Uncle Rush (Russell Simmons) is to Black American youth…big brother!

Sbu goes to 3 South African high schools weekly to share his success story and how he had to overcome abject poverty to make a success of his life.

Check it:


DJ Sbu is a perfect example of the results of hard work, ambition, determination and staying true to your township roots.

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  • mabuza

    Beautiful stuff. Very encouranging