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The Nigeria You Never Want To See: Rick Ross – Hold Me Back (Nigeria) [VIDEO]

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This new video by Rick Ross is unsettling on SO many levels.

So Rick Ross came to Nigeria for the Summer Jam Fest where he shot a Nigerian version music video for his “hood” anthem single “Hold Me Back” off his new album, “God Forgives, I Don’t”.

The narrative and imagery displayed in the music video is not something that my fellow Africans from Nigeria would want to show the world….the country has really been hard at work on “re-branding” its flawed compromised image for a couple years now. I understand why they would be upset. How do they attract foreign investment, tourism to the country against the backdrop of that  music video?

So for Rick Ross to go there with this music video, sparked fury!

The video struck a nerve personally at MARK 1:15 where baby girl is crying…

Check it:


What say you?

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