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[FAB FLICKS] A MUST HAVE- Legit’s D.T.M.W.T.W Range Launch

Ladies listen up if you haven’t heard, well read it for the first time here because this whole D.T.M.W.T.W buzz that’s doing the rounds here in South Africa isn’t some random term someone came up with.

It is the latest range that Legit has introduced “Don’t Tell Me What to Wear” and fashionistas, celebs, wannabes and of course myself were there as they also celebrated their 10th year in the fashion industry.

With all the faces that have represented this brand (except for David Tlale who is in the New York doing his thing) in attendance and strutting their stuff we were not only taken down memory lane but reminded of why we love Legit clothes so much.

Noni Gasa ” Simple Things You Love Effortlessly S.T.Y.L.E”  

Zizo Beda “too Legit to quit”

Bonang Matheba “Queen B”

Sade Gillberti “Be real and fakers won’t touch you”

Minnie Dlamini “An ordinary girl with extraordinary vision

David Tlale ( Van Der Tlale ) ” Black, Bling and a dash of color”

 Refilwe Modiselle and Tshego Sekgoe “Don’t Tell Me What To Wear”

This year they decided to put a little twist to the norm and introduced not one but two faces to represent their brand and these are Tshego Sekgoe and Refilwe Modiselle.

10 years is a long time and the up and down eyeball massages Legit buyers continue getting is only testimony to the fact that Legit is here to stay and is right there in the forefront of the race track VAVAVAVOOOM (Anthony Hamilton move over).

Host Hulisani Ravele

I must warn you that the D.T.M.W.T.W range like all others is only available for one season; I repeat one season only, and from the hoooooos and haaaaaaaaass am sure as I type away the clothes are disappearing from the shelves.

Thanks to Thango from Zanenza PR and her colleagues for affording us the opportunity to rub shoulders with the who’s who in the fashion industry and for helping organize the event, hats off.

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