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FAB FLICKS: David Tlale At New York Fashion Week, 2013 Spring Collection!!

Hello loves!

Autumn is right around the corner here in New York, but as we bitterly mourn the end of rompers, crochet shorts and maxi dresses  gracefully bid summer adieu, we got a taste of spring with New York Fashion Week.

We caught up with FaraiToday fave David Tlale’s at his first showcase at the main event, Mercedes Benz NYFW. He’s having a great year! Check out his collection and our chat with him below.

African inspired prints, head-ties, bold evening pieces— How much are we loving this!

In the midst of  all the excitement, we had a brief chat with the always composed and reflective David Tlale about the great opportunity of being at fashion week.

[I’m] very excited. I think it’s a moment where I’ll look back and say ‘after this we can only grow from here and become better as a brand.’ We look forward to sales more than anything else.

On his  progress since our last interview in New York [ during Fashion Week  at the South African consulate]

Then, I didn’t know I’d be here. I didn’t know this collection would be [in existence]. All I can say is that tomorrow is a brand new day and we take it as it come because we come back in February [2013] to continue the journey.

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