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FARAITODAY LIFESTYLE: Our Personal Trainer Works Out One of Our Readers!!

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It’s week 12 and we are back to update you on Lani’s progress. We are tracking her fitness for a year as she follows a training program set by myself as a qualified Personal Trainer (PT).

Many of you may know her as the popular African Hair Guru – Phrophro. For a rundown of her previous fitness progress, click here.

So…after another 6 weeks, I changed her program to challenge her body. I did a postural assessment to see which areas of her body were weak and needed strengthening. From the assessment, I was able to see that her left side was weaker and she was also getting a bit of pain in her right shoulder. I noted all the weaknesses and gave her exercises to target the muscles which were causing these issues.

I gave her a program to follow during the week whilst I am not there and then every Saturday morning, we meet up for a session where I give her something different each week. I really enjoyed throwing in a few plyometric warm-up exercises to challenge her brain and body. Plyometric exercises involve fast, powerful movements and are often used by athletes to improve their performance.


New weekly program 

Warm up



Butt, thighs & arms: Leg & arm raises

  • Begin on your hands & knees, gripping a weight in your right hand. Extend your right leg straight behind you, toes touching the ground
  • Lift your right leg to hip height (your shoelaces should face outwards) whilst at same time raising your right arm.  That’s 1 rep.
  • Do 3 sets of 10 reps then change sides.


Upper Back: One arm dumbbell row – really squeeze the back muscles at the top of the movement. 3 sets x 10 reps.

Chest/Triceps: Pushups on knees. 3 sets x 8 reps.

Shoulders: Dumbbell side raises – keep slight bend in elbows, body should stay still. 3 sets x 10 reps.



1. Hip/Butt lifts: push through heels & squeeze butt as you go up – hold for 2 secs at the top. 2 sets x 8 reps.

2. Plank  – 3 sets & hold each for 30sec – 1 min.

3. Bicycle crunches: 2 sets x 30 sec of “cycling” the legs.


…So we sat down with Lani and asked her how it was all going.

How often are you exercising during the week, when you are not having the PT sessions with Teurai?

It’s gone down to once a week.

Are you noticing any differences with the areas you wanted to tone and also overall?

Yes – because of the consistency, my upper abs are more toned – so are my arms and shoulders.

How is your weekly one-on-one PT session with Teurai going?

I love having a PT. I realise that I push myself more when I have a person standing over me. Winter just screams (sit, eat and chill), but having that weekly reminder really encourages me to keep going. Without that I’d have stopped entirely.

How did you feel doing the postural assessment and identifying which areas needed a bit more strengthening and stretching?

 I liked that. But I wasn’t exactly sure why it was taking place. I wonder whether they’d be any changes if I did that again. 

I was glad that Lani was honest with all of her answers. It made me realise that as a PT, there are some things that I need to explain more thoroughly which may not be known to someone who has not studied human anatomy in-depth. I then explained a little more to Lani what the postural assessment was for. We all need good posture to keep our bodies upright and able to do all the movements that we require everyday, such as getting something off a shelf etc. When you have poor posture, you can develop a range of problems such as lower back pain.

Poor posture may be one of the contributing factors to the pain that was in Lani’s  shoulder. Also, by strengthening her left, weaker side with the right exercises, her movement with all of the exercises has improved leading to better toning results.

Food-wise: is there a suggestion that you have maintained and what is the difference within yourself?

My diet’s pretty much the same, as my diet wasn’t bad at all. I’m having a very busy season, so I’m finding that I usually skip a meal or have my standard three meals with no snacking as I concentrate on work. What can I say, I really need a chef!


Lani looks fantastic and I enjoy the weekly training sessions with her….ok now to ponder how I can convince her to do burpees hmmmm….Catch us for the next review within 6 weeks!!

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  • Cherman

    Very enlightening article,just came across it-my right side is weaker,but thats from a hip injury that left me shifting all my weight to the left whenever i stand,walk or do any thing really-i wonder if getting a postural assessment myself could be a start to bringing balance back to my body,definetly a question for my Doctor and Phyusiotherapist on my next check, thanks ladies!