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“NO SHE AIN’T”: 50 Cent Reacts To Kanye West’s Song “Perfect B!tch” Dedicated To Kim Kardashian!

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50 Cent ain’t sure about Kim being a ”Perfect Bitch”.

We ain’t sure either about THAT assertion but, y’all know how ‘Ye is. Whatever keeps him in the news, yeah I said it!

Read on….

It’s no secret that Kanye West and Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, are musical rivals, but now I can safely say…it’s become a bit more personal when 50 Cent suggested that Kim is ”trash” to XXL magazine.

This is what he told the magazine:

”What one man considers beautiful could be seen as ugly by another. You know how it is? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

This follows the release of Kanye’s new and controversial single: ”Perfect Bitch” which is some “sor”t of dedication to Kim.


Anyway, 50 Cent doubts there is such a thing as a ”perfect bitch woman”.

It seems like Curtis isn’t the only one that is not a fan of Kanye’s new song.

Kim’s mother and manager, Kris Jenner isn’t too pleased with Kanye referring to her daughter as a ”bitch.” Despite the fact that Kim said she’s flattered by her boyfriend’s latest tribute-which tells how he’s been with so many girls, but now found his ideal woman.

”Kris told Kim to get a grip, saying, no woman should be called such a term”-according to a source that told the Daily Star newspaper.

The song has NOT been officially released yet — but a source told the Daily News, the lyrics are “about his search for the perfect woman and how he has now found the ‘perfect bitch.'”

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