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YOUR GUIDE TO A SEXY, RIPPED BODY! AskPaapa, Your Personal Trainer!

 Are you a man who wants to get fit but is stuck on the finer points??

Well…in an exclusive interview with a man who lives what he preaches, your questions will now be answered. Let’s put it in context shall we? There are over 1 billion obese people worldwide, with Africa feeling the brunt as more cheap and processed foods such as cans of soda,sweets, fried foods are readily available on street corners. As a result, there are numerous diseases which are on the increase such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. With heart disease the leading cause of death amongst men, they are even more susceptible.

So with this in mind, we wanted this article to  reach out to men all over the world and encourage them to get fitter by giving them the platform to engage with a successful Personal Trainer, Paapa Kweku. The result was men from Australia and Africa writing in to AskPaapa what they needto get on their way to a fitter, healthier lifestyle. Paapa Kweku is a Melbourne-based Personal Trainer, who has become well known as one of the most successful Personal Trainers in Melbourne. He is the Founder of Naturally Trim, which provides Health, Fitness & weight loss solutions to clients in person, online and in his specialized bootcamps.

One only needs to look at Paapa Kweku to know that the man lives and practices exactly what he preaches…

I’m wondering if you can help me. I’m 25 and weigh 85kg. This worries me a lot. I’ve started taking “Herbex Attack the Fat”. I changed my lifestyle and drink a lot of water. What else can I do to make sure that I lose weight?

As I don’t know the specific tests the company which formulated this product conducted before it was put on the market, I can’t vouch nor discredit their claims. It’s advisable that you get it checked by your local doctor if you’re keen to keep using it. It does contain sound ingredients (buchu, green tea, lemon, citrin, Aloe ferox bitters) all of which are great for your body. And my thoughts?? Fresh is always best. If you’re able to consume those ingredients in their natural state as part of your health/fitness regime, do it! Remember.. it all comes down to a holistic lifestyle choice!

The secret of weight loss success is just this: make a little change each day and you’ll be sure to start seeing the results in no time at all. To illustrate, to get rid of a pound of fat, one will have to burn nearly 3500 calories more than what they are already burning daily. This is certainly a lot and you should not attempt burning that in a single day. You can start by making small changes in your diet and activity levels, and immediately start burning more calories than you’re eating. If you can find a way to burn an extra 200 to 500 calories each day with both exercise and diet, you’re on the right track, which will ultimately drive you towards your desired state. Hope that helps! *smile*

Please may I have tips on how to achieve a six-pack?

It’s a combination of 3 factors really, all of which are just as equally important as each other! The first factor is your mindset. You have to be ready, willing as well as motivated to do what it takes to get you to your end goal (in this case a six pack). Without getting this right, the road ahead will be much harder than it needs to be!

Next, you’ll need to focus on fuelling your body with the RIGHT nutrition! I can’t stress this enough! Steps such as cutting down your junk food consumption, eating lots of lean protein (ie meats, beans and nuts) as well as fruits, dark vegetables, and whole grains, will certainly assist. Try as much as you can to stay away from white bread as all the good fibres have been stripped away. When possible, eat your vegetables raw as this avoids the loss of enzymes that result from cooking food, which also decreases its nutritional value. I could go on and on with this one, but I’m sure you get my drift. The fuel you put into your body is very important!

Lastly, you’ll need to exercise! This is obviously a critical step as it helps burn off calories and increase muscle tone. Cardio exercises as well as resistance training are best as they will heat up your core temperature and improve circulation, both of which will aid you in acquiring ripped abs!! In addition, exercising will improve your muscular tone as well as increase your metabolism so you’ll burn calories faster over time. With regards to specific exercises to do for your abs, I’d suggest the horizontal hover also know as the plank as well as abdominal cycle kicks. These are both great exercises that focus on your core in which you’ll definitely feel the burn! Remember, it’s a 3 staged process and each element is as important as the other!

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I am living in Africa where there are lots of foods such as pap, fufu and sadza available which contain a lot of wheat and are very filling. How can one get a toned physique without breaking the bank when living in African countries where our staple diet consists of some of these heavy foods – is there any specific nutritional advice you would give to us?

Hi there..Africa is a beautiful place.. I consider you blessed to live there! Ok.. to lose weight that you gain from these heavy foods, the equation is simple, you just have to burn more than you consume… and you don’t have to break the bank to eat right! Here are some of my tips for balancing a diet which contains pap, fufu or sadza.

  • Choose lean or low-fat meat and poultry. The leanest beef cuts include round steaks and roasts (eye of round, top round, bottom round, round tip), top loin, top sirloin, chuck shoulder and arm roasts. The leanest pork choices include pork loin, tenderloin, center loin, and ham. Boneless skinless, chicken breasts and turkey cutlets are the leanest poultry choices.
  • Choose extra-lean ground beef. The less fat the better.
  • Buy skinless chicken parts, or take off the skin before cooking (this is very important!).
  • Choose lean turkey, roast beef, ham, or low-fat luncheon meats for sandwiches instead of luncheon/deli meats with more fat, such as regular bologna or salami.

Always keep it lean!

  • Trim away all of the visible fat from meat and poultry before cooking.
  • Broil, grill, roast, poach, or boil meat, poultry, or fish instead of frying
  • Drain off any fat that appears during cooking (this also is very important!!).
  • Skip or limit breaded or crumbed meat, poultry, or fish. Breading adds calories. It will also cause the food to soak up more fat during frying.
  • Prepare beans and peas without added fats.
  • Choose and prepare foods without high fat sauces or gravies.

Consume foods that are low/medium GI (low on the glycemic index).  A low GI diet is one of the best ways to look after your health, and lose excess weight effectively and naturally. Low GI foods assist the body in keeping your blood sugar levels stable. As a result I highly recommend their consumption not only for fitness enthusiasts but everyday people too!

What is the glycemic index you ask?

Well… explained simply, it’s the rate at which food is broken down in the body to produce GLUCOSE. Applied to foods known as CARBOHYDRATES, this index is used to measure the effects carbohydrates have on blood sugar levels in the body two or three hours after being consumed. Foods with GI index less than 55 are considered low glycemic index food (GI <55). These types of carbohydrates break down slowly when digested, releasing glucose more gradually into the bloodstream. Foods with glycemic index between 55 and 70 are considered intermediate (GI >55 to <70). High glycemic index foods have a GI index of more than 70 (GI >70). These break down quickly during digestion and release glucose rapidly into the bloodstream.

Ps. Remember.. Being toned is a holistic approach. You have to combine solid nutrition with exercise for it to be sustainable in the long term

I’m 22 years old and obese at a size 38.  I joined the gym 3 months ago but there’s still no difference. Please advise on meal substitutes or anything that I could do to combine with the gym to shed weight.

 When it comes to weight loss, the BEST way to achieve this is a 3 step process.

1. You need to be motivated with the right mindset! Without this, you’ll lose focus! Be sure to set out a series of small achievable goals which will ultimately lead to your end goal.

2. You need to employ a solid nutrition program to ensure that the calories you consume are less than the calories you burn! Going the NO carb approach in my opinion is problematic! Why? Fitness is a lifestyle. Such diets can’t be maintained in the long term, thus the probability that you’ll return to your old ways is high! Be mindful of what you eat. My tip? Consume foods that are low GI and of course, be sure to snack on healthy foods, fruits and vegetables rather than chips, cookies, cakes and sweets!

3. Lastly, you’ll need to participate in physical activity!

Take it from me, despite common belief; simply doing cardio is not the best way to lose weight. The most effective form of physical training you can do to burn calories fast is interval resistance training (using weights) sets with bursts of cardio! Remember to lose weight, the calories you burn HAVE to be greater than the calories you consume!

Where are you based? I’d suggest you employ the assistance of a personal trainer initially (either physical or online) as their drive will push you. From there, you can utilise what you’ve learnt to better yourself. I’m more than happy to help with my online PT programs: simply visit this link for full details:

Happy training!


I live in Australia. Are protein powders/supplements really necessary to add muscle to my body and if so, which ones do you recommend and how often should I be taking them pre and post workout?

Great question! This is probably one of the most common questions I get inboxed on my Facebook group every week. Ok.. by basic definition, a supplement is something added to complete something. In my opinion, protein supplements are only needed IF YOUR DIET LACKS to make up for a deficiency. In the western world as it stands, most people consume more than the recommended protein intake. Personally.. I don’t take any. Why? I get what my body needs from fresh sources. For a pre-workout snack, I’d go for a banana. Why? It’s packed with potassium, which aids in maintaining proper nerve and muscle function.

Post-workout: a can of tuna (in fresh water) with a slice of multigrain bread does the trick. Be sure to drink plenty of water to replace the fluids lost whilst exercising.

Ps. As I don’t take them, I can’t recommend any specifically. If you choose to go down this path, be sure to do your research. In my opinion, the supplement industry is not as regulated as it should be. If you need some specific advice, shoot me an email – I’ll be more than happy to put you on to a recommended sports nutritionist that I work with.


Which is better for getting a six pack – cardio or weights?

Take it from me, despite common belief, simply doing cardio is not the best way to lose weight around the abdominals area. The most effective form of physical training you can do to burn calories fast is interval work with resistance training (using weights)! If you’re not part of a gym, an example you could incorporate could be running for 50 meters, dropping and doing 15 pushups, running for another 50 meters, doing 10 lunges both side, running another 50 meters and doing 15 burpies and so on!

Remember to lose weight, the calories you burn HAVE to be greater than the calories you consume! I now have  a youtube channel – from which I’ll be uploading a range of exercises that I do (it will show you how each exercise is conducted and the intensity you’ll need to workout at to get the right result. Watch this space!

Ps. The ‘rate of calorie burn’ when you do this kind of training is higher when you stop than if you just did cardio. For a tailored program, simply visit my site at

Check out my first video below!

Well…you heard (and saw) it from the Health & Fitness expert himself…can of tuna anyone??


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