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Dating On A Budget

I am writing this for all those who think going out on a date on a budget is mission impossible.

 So being single I have found some interesting activities to do when going out for a date on a budget.

1. Typically I prefer going to the movies all by myself, but when I don’t really take a liking to date I opt to go to the movies to avoid any talking. But sometimes movies are the best option as it will show what type of person you out with. And best of all everything will cost you under R200!

Just make sure you stay away from the popcorn’s…

But movies are definitely my first option when going out on a blind date.

2. Going ice skating, most people think it’s not an option for a date but this will show how much you can depend on the person you with more especially if you don’t know how to skate (like me).

Just make sure you have extra clothes, you don’t want to walk around wet. Also under R200!!

3. Kart racing!!

Yes, this is a hit in my books especially if you want to set a standard as to how competitive you are. Not only does this give you time to test your driving skills but it also gives you a chance to bet your date!!

And guess what? It’s also under R200 for the both of you!

4. Bowling, is such perfect day out activity as it will bring you both together and will definitely be romantic if both of you are first time players.

This can be done with a budget of R150

5. Lastly a lunch date is always a good option as you get the chance to converse and pick your dates brain. 

Depend where you going to this could also come under R200…

When going out on a date make sure you that you have money just in case!!

On that note let me go and find myself a date…


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  • Willy

    I want to take u out on a date :)