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FARAITODAY EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: South Africa’s House Music Trio MiCasa [PART 2]

And the final installment of the MiCasa interview is finally here. In case you missed the first one check it out HERE.

JSomething talks about the future for MiCasa and if you haven’t heard, MiCasa will be collaborating with John Legend when he comes to South Africa for his One night Women’s Special concert.


FaraiToday: Who would you like to collaborate with locally and why?

MiCasa: We are already talking to The Soil, which we very excited about. We admire those guys, they are so talented, they seem like great people and we have a very cool idea to do with them. The list is endless, but how many collabos do we want to do? Because the thing with the collaboration you have to think of you made an album so you can perform so if there’s plus minus five collabos how do you perform if that person can’t make it to your gig? Jabba (HHP) would be awesome. Internationally we are looking at doing some stuff with two unconfirmed artists: tortured soul from America (live house trio band) and flavour from Nigeria.

FaraiToday: Where do you see South African music heading to?

MiCasa: Higher and higher, you can just look over the past year when you have artists like Zahara selling plus 300 000 copies and MiCasa selling platinum. It’s been reported that music sales have increased by 30% over the last year; it just shows that people are getting behind local artists more and more. You have The Soil, the Muffinz and The Layders from Soul Candi

FaraiToday: Does MiCasa plan in tapping into the international scene soon?

MiCasa: I will be honest with you from the beginning it was never my goal, it was never like i’m gonna go to America and so forth. But I think people get the wrong perception, especially for the type of music we doing. South Africa has the biggest house music demand in the world, so to try and go would be unfair, but we have reached that stage after 10 months we have a platinum album, three SAMAs (Record of the year, best group and best album). Now you have to try and be realistic of yourself and say what is next? There’s so many more towns that we gonna go play at and so many things we can still introduce. We have done music videos and every single we have released has been number one on all radio stations in South Africa. So it’s been like now we have to try something else, so we do want to go international but we don’t want to go international to go get cheap gigs and  to just get recognition. But rather go internationally representing South Africa, saying you know what we are the best there are in South Africa therefore pay us to come there. We have done a lot of Africa countries already which we love because people have the same mentality, happy place, the same rhythm and love house music. We are going to Portugal, doing Algeria, Spain and the United Kingdom as well.

FaraiToday: Your latest music video, ‘La Vida’ has such a unique concept. What lead to you opting for a 3D animated video?

MiCasa: People are saying that it is a cheap music video. I love what I do and when someone criticises what I love, it’s like that music video is not cheap it cost us over R300 000 in Europe, it’s the first time it has been done in South Africa and it’s the first time in world that it has have been achieved to have a product placement in an animated music video and its 3D. For me I think that it’s the best music video that South Africa has ever seen and we have received a whole lot of positive feedback from people who know their craft. The music video is just us trying to break barriers and open minds, and a lot of people are inspired about it, we very proud of it.

FaraiToday: What can people expect from your upcoming new platinum edition album release?

MiCasa: It’s going to be a double disc and will have the album that went platinum inside with the second disc will have all three music videos, an exclusive track that I am busy writing at the moment, two acoustic version of heavenly sent and will give you love and some exclusive remixes that haven’t been heard before. I think the main two things that people will be excited about is the heavenly sent slow down on a more soulful tip and the new song that we will be releasing.

FaraiToday: Your last words to your fans?

MiCasa: It’s always the one word- thank you. Thank you for buying the album, thank you for coming o our shows and also thank you for making our dream come true. We would be nothing without the people, the platform, radio stations and fans. So it’s one simple word THANK YOU!

We thank JSomething for giving us his time to chat about MiCasa!!

Wishing the trio all the best for their future projects and we here at FaraiToday are looking forward to their new instalment.

And thanks to Red Flag PR for hooking us up with MiCasa!!


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