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[COVER FABS] Actress Connie Ferguson graces True Love & Bonnie Henna Talks to Real Magazine

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The August issue of True Love magazine features the never ageing actress, Connie Ferguson who might I add has been featured several times but nonetheless she is one of those ladies which a lot of young women look up to.

I love the fact that True Love went for a simple yet attention grabbing cover, not much writing and less colour.

Connie talks about being blessed, being the leading lady on The Wild, and working with family, her being a proud mother and her friends.  

My favourite feature this month is about Poisonous Pals, whereby the True Love staff compiled a list of these types of friends. I actually realized that I have a lot of these types of friends…

Moving on to Real magazine, Actress Bonnie Henna graces the cover to talk about her tough journey in the industry.

I really love this lady, her acting is on another point and she brings so much emotion to her characters. Really hope to see her soon doing what she does best!!

And Zamajobe talks about being Famous, Rich and Young…saying that she has “learnt the hard way”.


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