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COVER FAB: Steve Harvey Shares His 8 Secrets To Making Millions In August Issue Of Ebony Magazine!

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If you have to buy a magazine this month, pick up the August issue of Ebony magazine. I have my copy simply because Steve Harvey is on the cover but most importantly the New York Times bestselling author and comedian reveals his eight principle/secrets to making millions.

Read on….

Principle # 1: Best the best

There was a lot of trials and tribulations to figure it all out, but all of the success stems from having that one desire to be the best….”

Principle # 2: Have an unbeatable work ethic:

You have to have a work ethic that defies logic. If you don’t develop that, you can’t make it. You have to get up before anybody else is willing to get up; you have to stay up past anybody else’s bed time…You have to be ready to work.

Principle # 3: Take care of your temple

God has given me a temple and in this temple, He gave me a gift: the ability to make people laugh. I don’t want to do nothing to tamper with that gift. I enjoy the gift too much and it’s given me an incredible lifestyle. It’s my duty to maintain my temple so that I can keep getting those blessings….

Principle # 4: Bounce back from failure…

You may fail but you are not a failure if you are learning. When you learn, you grow….if you stay down, it’s over….

For the remaining 4 principles, do yourself a favor, a cop the August issue of Ebony. You’ll thank me later!

BET CEO Debra Lee makes an appearance in the magazine and her Washington D.C home is amazing. Debra discusses her leadership at the helm of the television channel, listening to her audience and her legacy:

“I want part of my legacy to be what I’ve accomplished for women, not just in the corporate world, but also in terms of images and in terms of programming.”

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