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SPOTTED: Seal Flaunts New Girlfriend!!

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A kiss from a rose….

It looks like Seal is moving on with his love life since ex-wife Heidi Klum and he ended their 6 years old marriage.

Via TMZ reports:

Seal’s officially done mourning the death of his marriage to Heidi Klum … ’cause the singer has moved on to a smokin’ hot brunette who looks damn good in a bikini … andTMZ has the pics.

Just 3 months after Heidi filed for divorce, an extra-sweaty Seal was spotted on a yacht inItaly this week … gettin’ all kissy kissy with a mystery babe after a quick workout session on the deck.

There was cuddling … there was smiling … but there was no sign of Seal’s wedding ring.

TMZ initially broke the story that the supermodel wife, Heidi decided to break off the marriage because she got sick of Seal’s explosive temper. The couple later released a joint statement saying they had simply “grown apart.”

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