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In Tax Evasion News: Lauryn Hill Faces 3 Years In Jail For Tax Evasion!

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If she’s not busy making babies…she’s in trouble with the law. Not so long ago, she found herself in a legal wrangle after her former fashion consultant accused her of stealing clothes….and this time around, the Internal Revenue Service, IRS, have her on a tight leash for Tax Evasion.

The front lady of the legendary Fugees and actress, Lauryn Hill, pleaded guilty to felony charges of not paying her taxes and chances are, she’ll be spending quiet a bit of time behind bars.

The 37-year-old, mother to…uh…many, appeared in a federal court in New Jersey on Friday (29 June 2012). And believe it or not, she admitted that she failed to file returns between 2005 and 2007, intentionally, despite an income of more than $1.8 million from recording royalties.
But for now, we waiting for her sentencing hearing which is set for November, after she was released on $150,000 bail

So this basically means she could face up to three years in jail – one for each count of evasion.

Other celebrities who are in trouble with the tax man, are Bow Wow, Lil Kim, yeah surprisingly right…..and former supermodel, Janice Dickinson. Don’t these people understand that they need to pay their taxes?

Anyway,don’t you miss the old Lauryn Hill? The trouble-free one? With less babies? Great music? Those were definitely good times…10 years ago.



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