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WATCH NOW: Full Premiere Episode Of ‘Hollywood Exes’ Starring Ex-Wives Of Will Smith, Prince, Eddie Murphy, R. Kelly…

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Hollywood Exes premieres this coming Wednesday, June 27th at 9pm on VH1 but the television network has put the premiere episode  online ahead of its TV debut..

But before you grab some pop-corn & watch Episode 1, meet the Hollywood ex-wives:

Mayte Garcia was married to Prince for 4years and they have been divorced for 12years. Mayte has not remarried. She was once engaged to Tommy Lee. She lives with her Puerto Rican mom, 7 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 birds—and she desperately wants to have a baby.

Nicole Murphy was married to Eddie Murphy for 12 & half years, they have been divorced for 6years now and they have 5 children. Nicole is currently engaged to a retired professional football player, Michael Strahan. Nicole is working on her fashion line.

Sheree Fletcher was married to Will Smith for 3 years and they have been divorced for 17-years now. They have a son, Trey Smith who recently turned 19, and so the child support checks have stopped coming in for Sheree. She is happily remarried to former professional football player-turned-pastor Terrell Fletcher who Interfaith Christian ministry in San Diego, California. Sheree has a skin-care business and loves being First Lady of her hubby’s church.

Jessica Conseco former Hooters waitress who was married to former baseball player Hose for 4 years and divorced 11years. Jessica runs a cosmetic and medical tattooing business in Beverly Hills and raising her 15-year-old daughter, Josie with her ex hubby

Andrea Kelly is a classically trained dancer who was once R. Kelly’s choreographer and principal dancer. She was married to R. Kelly for 10 years, divorced 3 years ago and they have 3 children. R Kelly and Andrea currently DO NOT  have a relationship currently.

I have so many questions about R Kelly and his ex wife, Andrea Kelly so I will be coming off my reality show boycott and I will be watching Hollywood Exes!


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