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SEX, RACE, RELIGION, MUSIC, RADIO &….WEAVES: South African Celebrities Launch Book Series For The Youth!

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Pan Macmillan’s imprint, Picador Africa presents the “Youngsters Series” edited by Mandy Weiner.

This fresh and entertaining series of 5 pocket books features prominent South African youth celebrities such as music artist, Danny K, columnist,  Khaya Dlanga and radio DJ, Anele Mdoda. Celebrities who are worth listening to...

Released during Youth Month (June) in South Africa, this series promises to offer youth solutions and formula to improve their lives or way of thinking about issues affecting them. Sex, Race, Religion, Music and Radio are just some of the topics explored. Oh…and weaves.

So from now on, there’ll be no excuses for bad weaves ladies.

The book was launched at Protea Court in Sandton City, South Africa last week.

The series shares the naked reality of being a youngster in South Africa and helps to make sense of it all.* definite must read *

It Feels Wrong to Laugh, But … by Anele Mdoda:

I am not my gap but I own it. I’m not my size, but I own it and you can’t use what you see as a negative to me. I own me and proudly so.*Definitely getting this one*

Take It From Me by Danny K:

They say there is no business like show business and that’s not because of the fame, or the money its because of how hard it can be.

In My Arrogant Opinion by Khaya Dlanga:

This book isn’t about anything in particular. I know that sounds a little disturbing but hear me out. “This book isn’t about anything in particular. I know that sounds a little disturbing, but hear me out. I think that those people who read my work read it precisely because there is no particular pattern; they read it to find out what I have to say. Essentially I am like them.

South Africa: A Long Walk to a Free Ride by Nik Rabinowitz & Gillian Breslin:

A fast-paced, hilarious guide to surviving your youth in South Africa. Expect a history lesson with a difference, what makes a comedian tick, some alternative political insights and thoughtful crystal-ball gazing.

Becoming by Shaka Sisulu: (Congratulations to our good friend Shaka for being name 2012 Mail&Guardian 200 Young South Africans!)

“There is a poetic justice to life because we are the sum of our experiences”.

So guys what are you waiting for?? Go get it, I’m getting mine. The pocket books promise to be exhilarating and eye opening read!!!!

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