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She brought us Born This Way.

Introduced us to Meat Dresses.

Known to break all barriers and guess what? Drum-roll for the worst-kept-secret-ever…

Lady Gaga is set to grace South African shores this summer in South Africa (and fall in USA). No, not to perform at the South African Sports Awards silly…but for the “Born This Way” concert.

Dubbed as one of the most influential women last year, Lady GaGa, who boasts a twitter following of 26 million followers, has everyone in South Africa excited…ok, maybe almost everyone.

We are told that Lady Gaga will perform at the FNB Stadium on November 30th in Johannesburg and December 3rd in Cape Town. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all the South African ” monsters cos lately it just seems like alot of international artists just cancel on us at the last minute (*ahem* we are looking at you sis Jill Scott, Ludacris, Robin Thicke….)

Lady Gaga tweeted this to her followers:

“I’m so excited to be bringing “The Born This Way Ball” to South Africa stadium shows. It’s a dream come true you will have to show me around”.

Her South African monsters, as she affectionately calls her fans, have already crashed the CompuTicket online ticket servers. All because those little monster just wanna go The Born This Way Ball. The First Monster tweeted:

“Just woke up to emails saying South African monsters crashed the online ticket servers due to high demand for The Btw Ball! I can’t believe it,”

She also tweeted recently about her trip to Thailand:

“Just landed in Bangkok baby ready for 50000 screaming Thai Monsters.

Each of her 16 Asian shows that did go forward sold out, and in less than two months, the tour has already pulled in a staggering $45 million.

She is definitely a force to be reckoned with *DAAMN*

Wonder what crazy demands she will have for this show as she is known for her asking for stuff like “organic ginger n lemon grass tea”, “a smoothie station”, “snack bars” and “unscented candles. Really though? hmm what are the candles for though?

Tickets will start at 315 to 715. South African monsters will be limited to a max of 8 tickets per person.

This is Lady GaGa’s 3rd World Tour. Lady Gaga is currently in Australia.

South African monsters, here’s what to expect:

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