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2010 BBC TV Movie “Mrs. Mandela” starring Sophie Okonedo + David Harewood as Nelson Mandela [VIDEO]

Look what we came across.

Written and directed by Michael Samuels, A Diverse Production for the BBC TV comes this made-for-television movie titled “Mrs. Mandela” based upon, you guessed it, the life and times of Mrs. Winnie Madikizela Mandela. This came out in 2010 in the UK and a few months later in America.

Oscar nominee Sophie Okonedo as Mrs. Winnie Mandikizela Mandela

Descriptor of the movie:

Was Winnie Mandela a hero of the anti-apartheid movement or a political extremist out of control? This engrossing biopic contemplates her legacy as it explores the public and private sides of one of the most controversial figures in recent history. Featuring a standout performance by Oscar nominee Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda), Mrs Mandela chronicles Winnie Mandelas growth from innocent young wife and social worker to revolutionary firebrand.

During her husband Nelson Mandelas 27-year incarceration, Winnie Mandelas life became one of struggle and survival. Systematically harassed under apartheid, she endured everything from raids on her home and 13 months in prison where she was subjected to a five-day interrogation by police interrogator Theunis Swanepoel (David Morrissey) to being banished from her Soweto home. Exiled in the remote town of Brantford, she began to emerge as an anti-apartheid leader, galvanizing the passive township against the evils of apartheid, and at the same time campaigning for her husbands release. When authorities fought back and torched her home, Winnie continued to speak and act out against the state. But her behaviour came under scrutiny when she assembled her own band of vigilante supporters and allegations of human rights abuses began to surface, including her involvement in the murder of a young village boy. Forever changed by her fight for the struggle, her reunion with Nelson Mandela upon his 1990 release would not be an easy one.

Also starring David Harewood (Blood Diamond) as Nelson Mandela.

Check it:

I never did quite get over Jennifer Hudson & Terrence Howard’s portrayal of the famous South African political couple…

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