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WHAT A BALL: The Amazing Story of Wesley Warren, American Man with 100-Pound Testicles!

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Want to be famous? There are plenty of ways to go about it. Think in the lines of wealth, beauty, talent, personality, or…wait for it…having big balls. Huge balls infact. Not convinced?

Well, meet 47 year old Wesley Warren Jr. He is 400 pounds carrying a massive 100 pounds scrotum. Had he not accidentally squash his testicles while turning in bed in 2008, I reckon he’d still be a regular joe from L.A with normal balls.

Nonetheless, after this painful episode, his scrotum started inflating, leading to a rare condition known as : scrotal elephantiasis.

He was quick to set off on a campaign to raise $1 million for corrective surgery…this was late last year.

I guess that’s about the time when the media flashed all their lights on him.

As a result, a ”keen for fame” Wesley started to have doubts about getting the surgery

Now forget about the campaign to raise funds, Dr. Mehmet Oz offered the L.A lad a chance to have the surgery done by the best surgeons, at no cost whatsoever. No wait, there was some sort of cost actually. Wesley was to share his journey exclusively with the Dr.Oz Show should he accept the offer.

He declined the offer on the grounds that he does not want to be confined to one show. Over and above the fact that he is afraid of dying, knowing how highly complicated the surgery is.

However, between you and I, he’d rather have the spotlight more than the corrective knife.

I’d also opt for the same if I knew that the surgery would involve draining my scrotum and rebuilding it. More terrifying is the possibility of the scrotum to bleed profusely which would lead to a complete removal of Warren’s penis and testicles.

Then again, should he not accept his latest offer from a Carlifornia doctor to do the surgery for free – he must at least get more hoodies to cover up his scrotum. He definitely can’t be making all those celebrity appearances with the same hoodie…

Sefiso Hlongwane


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