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FARAITODAY BEAUTY BAR: Re-Thinking Foundation Make-Up!

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Today is the day that you will stop being afraid of MAKEUP!

I have heard the sighs and the constant stories, “I don’t like makeup because it’s too heavy”, or ‘I don’t know how to wear it”, and my favorite “I can’t find my complexion!”

Beautiful ladies it’s time to STOP the negative talk about products that were created to encourage new looks and inspire you to feel better!

As a Professional Makeup Artist for 10 years, foundation is the #1 product I get asked about the most so….

Let’s chat about it…

Foundation I will admit can sometimes be tricky to understand but here are a few easy steps to finding the right foundation for your complexion.

Start by thinking about your skin tone:

Are you light brown, medium brown are dark brown?

If you are light to a medium brown skin tone then you most likely have a golden or yellow undertone.

If you are medium deep brown to deep dark brown then you most likely have a red undertone.

Knowing your proper undertone makes choosing a foundation easier.

When you look at the bottle in the convenience store or when you go to a department store, examine the colors you see. These tips I’m giving you and the fact that you look at YOU every day, you’ll already have an idea of your skin’s undertone. This will help you to make the correct and best selection.

F. Y. I.

Stay away from foundation with grey or the opposite color of your skin’s undertone as this will definitely cause you to look ashy or to dark which is never natural or cute!

Alright ladies I hope these foundation tips help you. You are now equipped with the simple and correct information to make the best decision for your foundation choice.   I look forward to seeing you out on the scene looking beautifully made up…

Love & Lipstick

Safia Michelle

– who has written posts on Farai Today.

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