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African Girls Rock: FARAH FORTUNE, Africa’s Leading Publicist & PR Guru! [Part One]

We love and adore us some Farah Fortune around these parts!

Farah & her celeb clients, Jaynamic & Blayze

And to continue with her birthday celebrations, we decided to profile Farah after her epic “Party With The Stars” birthday bash held this past weekend at Icon Lounge in Sandton, South African. Leading hip hop artist (and her boo) Blayze kept the party folks bumping on the dance-floor!

Farah rocks, period.

Her work speaks for itself.

Her client list includes “who’s who” of  South Africa and soon the rest of Africa. She is the founder and CEO of African Star Communication, a full-service public relations and publicity agency!  She reps South Africa’s beautiful people and she holds the all access card to some of the hottest events and parties in Mzansi.

We caught up with the beautiful mommy of one and business woman in an exclusive with her….Check it out! Please tell us about your Company African Star Communications.

African star Communications and Event Management is a celebrity and corporate PR agency. We also do event management. We heard you have a vision board, does it work and how long have you been using it?

I do a vision board every 6 months. I basically get pictures out of magazines or newspapers of things I want to achieve and obtain, whether material or success related and I cross them off as I achieve them. Like a “bucket list” for success. I’ve been using it for 6 years. Please tell us briefly about yourself and your childhood.

I am a business woman but firstly a mother. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. We are quite a close family. We’ve always been a family to sit and eat together, enjoy time together and are always willing to help each other. I had a very happy childhood. I was born in Cape Town, grew up in Kimberley till I was 10 years old then moved to Belgium then at 13 years old moved to Manchester. I came back to South Africa at the age of 25. You’ve experienced a diverse media background and have had the opportunity to work overseas, how different is the media industry overseas?

It’s very different!!! In South Africa because it’s a smaller industry its harder to get into as its really who you know not so much what you know. Overseas also opens you up to a global world whereas here is more Africa which is better as it’s an untapped market What are the challenges of working in your field and do you ever experience disappointments?

Of course! All the time! I’m an extremely positive person! I never see a problem as permanent and always look for solutions to anything immediately. There are very few times you can honestly change things therefore I rather adapt and progress than to fight and regress. How did you choose the name African Star and we heard you opened a new branch in Lagos how is that going and any plans to expand further?

I actually wanted to call the company Fortunate Communications but there was a phone shop in Durban with the name!! My second choice was African Star. I had seen a lion on top of a rock with a star shining bright behind its head. It was a lioness and I though wow what a beautiful African Star./ That’s where it came from. You were recently in charge of the Creative Recreation event, how do you make yourself visible so you can scoop such big events and does having contacts help?

I have been lucky enough to be noticed by entertainment and business publications in my field who highlight my work through their mediums. It’s important to maintain a good public image. People take note of such things. I also pitch for a lot of my work but lucky enough most of the work has come to us through word of mouth. So how do you juggle your career and motherhood and do you ever feel like you are missing out in your children’s lives?

It’s not easy at all. It’s a demanding career and I am very lucky to have an amazing support system. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything as my daughter is my priority and when there are school plays and such I make sure I’m there. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working and what drives you to be better?

I enjoy reading because I can never just pick up a book and enjoy it. My phone is always ringing, emails and such, so just being by myself on any given day is pure luxury. Are you always a heels girl or prefer to wear flip flops?

Heels. All day everyday! Flip flops on very rare occasions. Once every two years maybe. Do you have any role models in the industry and what’s your secret to success?

I consider Ferial Haferjee and Edith Venter as my role models. Hard working no nonsense taking women. There is no secret to success but damn hard work. What you put in you get out. You have traveled extensively so what would you say is your favorite destination?

I loved Malaysia and the U.S.A

I still think there is so much more to see of Asia though. Can we expect another big event soon from your company?

Of course! And as usual I will send you guys invites.

Part Two of our exclusive with Farah coming soon but in the meantime and between time, catch up with Farah over Twitter at @fcfortune….thank us later!!

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