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WATCH NOW: Trailer For “Django Unchained” ft Jamie Foxx & Leonardo DiCaprio Released!

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Django Unchained, a Quentin Tarantino movie starring Jamie Foxx, Christopher Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio

“What’s yer name?” Franco Nero asks Jamie Foxx.

“Django,” he replies.

“The “D” is silent.”


The movie tells the story of a freed slave Jamie Fox as Django, with the help of his mentor,  bounty hunter played by Christopher Waltz,  sets out to rescue his wife,  Broomhilda played by Kerry Washington from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner, Calvin Candie, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.
The film’s cast also includes Samuel L Jackson, Don Johnson, Kurt Russell,  Sacha Baron Cohen, and Anthony LaPaglia.
Oscar worthy….Yup, I am calling it even before it is released!
Django Unchained will be in theaters December 25th, 2012. Check the trailer below.
Check it:

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