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FARAITODAY LIFESTYLE: Join Us For The First Review Of One Of Our Reader’s Fitness Journey!

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It’s now Week 6 and we are back again to update you as we track one of our Faraitoday reader’s fitness for a year!

 6 weeks ago, we introduced you to the lovely Lani Masuku, whose specific goals were to tone and tighten up her abs,arms and back. As a Personal Trainer in the making, I gave her a weights-based program to help her achieve her goals.

Click here to see her initial program.

As I said in the first article, if a client is not happy with a program, I will change it to suit. After 2 weeks, Lani requested slight changes to the program, so I changed a few of the exercises and made the program shorter. Lani also has a fast metabolism so worries about losing too much weight from her lovely curves.

She was exercising daily, so I have recommended that she stick to three times a week of intense exercise, and continue to eat high quality, nutritious foods, including ones high in protein such as chicken breast. I’m glad to report that we have positive results!

I interviewed Lani to ask about her progress. Read on to find out more…..

Lani’s adjusted program

*Click on the highlighted exercises to see how to do them in the first program.

Warm up

-          Skipping: 2 sets x 50-100 skips

-          30secs rest in between each set

-          Benefits: warm body, all over body toning, heart fitness


-          One arm dumbbell row: 3 sets x 8-10 reps


-          Dumbbell shoulder press: 3 sets x 8-10 reps


  1. Taught how to activate abs.
  2. Plank: do 2 sets, hold for 20 secs. Rest for 30 secs between sets.
  3. Virtual Ball throws: do 2 sets of 10 reps, do slowly. Rest 30 secs between sets.
  4. Supine hip extension (hip & bum lift): do 2 sets of 10, hold 30 secs between sets.



  1. Bicep curls: 3 sets of 8-10, rest 30 secs between sets
  2. Push-ups on knees: 2 sets of 4


Cool down

– finish with skipping as a: 2 sets of 20


– Lani was shown the appropriate stretches

FaraiToday: Your initial program was changed after 2 weeks. What changes did you feel were necessary after starting the first program?

It was getting darker earlier, since winter is setting in, so I honestly couldn’t see myself running around the block with streetlighting. I opted to go skipping instead – one of my favourite pastimes as a kid. I can do that in the comfort of my home.

I also realized that the hour long exercise was just too long for me. No, not because I was getting tired, the weight reps were supposed to be controlled and slow, and I was really getting bored. It’s a strange sensation working out on your own, you have to make sure it’s either really intense or fast to keep me interested.

I asked Teurai to help me shorten my work out time, make it more intense (cause I love short spurts of energy), so that I don’t lose interest too soon.  It just did wonders!

FaraiToday: It has been 2 weeks since you began the revised program. How often are you exercising and at what times?

I do it after work … almost daily. The change in programs saw my work out time reduce to 20-30 minutes. I’m doing my reps faster. I bought weights and a skipping rope which are both great for toning.

FaraiToday: On average, it takes up to 6 weeks for the body to adjust to an exercise program. What positive effects, if any, have you noticed thus far from the exercise program?

For a person with a fast metabolism, I’m finding that I’m hungrier cause of my work outs, which is great. I feel my abs stiffening up, and my heart seems more settled – a bit calm … kinda like my heart muscle is growing bigger.

FaraiToday: Any particular challenges thus far?

I worry about my fast metabolism with my weight. My body responds really quickly to exercise, and so  when I see a lil weight loss, I worry. I’ve started eating more carbs to make sure that I’m not messing with that weight. But I’ve never had to watch what I eat because I eat in moderation … so will see how this plays out.

FaraiToday: You already eat reasonably well. Have you implemented any further changes in your nutrition and how?

I’ve increased my fruit intake, by incorporating fruit snack in the morning between breakfast and lunch. Now I have oats in the morning, then fruit … then a hearty lunch. I do have nuts to eat by my desk so that I munch on something as I work away. I am not a snacker, so this has been a lot for me, but I am enjoying it.

FaraiToday: Have you noticed any positive effects thus far from making small changes in your nutrition?

Yes I have … I’m not at the stage where I can feel the difference with my energy. But my body is feeling calmer …

FaraiToday: Any challenges when it comes to the nutritional changes?

Not at all. I had already started and in addition to what was recommended by Teurai, I’m infusing more vegetables and fruit to my diet. This program has made me stick to it.

So there you go….result!! Join us in another 4 weeks when we catch up on Lani’s progress…

Writer, Model, Founder of Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust

Teurai Chanakira – who has written posts on Farai Today.

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