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AFRICAN FASHIONISTA’s: Our Top Five Style Trends You Must Rock This Fall/Winter Season!!

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Keeping up with fashion trends is a full-time job! Trust me I know! I live and breathe this stuff.

And there is nothing I enjoy more than researching style trends, keeping up with the latest fashion and just about anything fashion related and sharing with you.

So as my debut here on FaraiToday as the Fashion Editor, what better way than to give you lovely ones, a list of Five things you absolutely NEED this “bbrrrrrrrr, its cold” Fall and Winter season to be an absolute fashionista!

1. Monochromatic Fashon

Model rocking a fushion of Mint

An outfit comprised of only one colorcan be both unexpected and fashion-forward. It might seem tough to pull off, but I promise it’s easier than it looks! If nothing else, rocking a single shade will make you look at your wardrobe with fresh eyes and help you see new clothing combinations that you never would have thought of otherwise. So pick your favorite color and let’s get going!

2. Houndstooth

Kim_K Showing us how to rock the trend

This winter we welcome back the Houndstooth pattern. The best thing about this is that, you either already have it somewhere at the back of your closet or you can just go through your mother’s closet and you’ll  probably find it there. Whether its a Trench coat, a pair of killa heels or just a cute handbag, every girl deserves anything houndstooth this Fall and Winter

3. Denim

Myself wearing a denim outfit

Just when we thought that colorful jeans are taking over and nobody will ever wear normal blue jeans anymore, the Lords of the fashion industry said HELL NO! Blue denim is back baby and even more stylish than ever before. .

4. Leather

To me its not a trend until Riri rocks it

Leather is just one of those trends that keep coming back over and over and over and over again. Did I mentioned that leather trends over again. Ok. Trust. Its back this season.

I love that it just gives an outfit that rockstar-trouble- maker-Rihanna-edge that every woman can do with…After all you need some spice this winter season….*wink*

5. Collars
Collar mania

Collars are now accessory on their own. Rock a dramatic collar to make a statement, pair it with a fabulous neckpiece or a brooch and you’ll be the talk of the town.

Peace, FaraiToday & Fashion!

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