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RUMOR CONTROL: “Allegations” About Zahara Being A Cash Cow Not True!!

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 This past weekend platinum-selling and multiple-award winning singer,  Zahara made headlines after being dubbed “a cash cow” for one of the leading South African record labels, T.S Records owned by TK Nciza and S’bu Leope.

Zahara on Rolling Stone Magazine South Africa

The allegations stem mainly from the fact that apparently Zahara has not been spending her money. WTF?!?

Supposedly Zahara’s family (her sisters) claim that the singer is being used and treated badly by TK Nciza.  overlooking the fact that he has taken her under his wings and made her a star.

It is pretty clear that some in the media industry will do anything to sell papers even if it hurts others. The multiple Award winner’s family claim that various promises were made by the record company and none has been fulfilled.

However Zahara has hit back saying:

How can they rip me off? When I stayed with them for two years when nobody knew anything about me. My family loves me and nothing can come between us”.


Zahara & TK Nciza

TK Nciza says these allegations are lies and this is not the first time he has been accused of using artists. He says Zahara is a national asset and she is part of his family. He went on further to say that this was a campaign to distract her for the upcoming South African Music Awards (SAMA’s). Zahara is leading the pack with an impressive seven nominations!

The unfortunate part of all of this, is that Zahara’s  family is now the talk of the town due to this misunderstanding because it looks like they are being preyed upon by cheap journalism.

Zahara added that she is happy and grateful to the Nciza’s for their help and that she does have her own money and there is still more to come. The star says if she wanted she could go buy a house and a car, she would but feels there is no rush. She still needs to get her driver’s license first. Plus, she is young and has come into significant money and wants to take her time in making the right fiscal decisions.

That Sunday World article was a fail. Epic fail.

We wish her luck on the coming South African Music Awards (SAMA’s) ceremony and hope this does not deter her.

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  • Sekhethelagloria

    pls guys let zahara get wht ever belongs to her pls .i dont understand why u guys ar so selfish ninenhliziyo ende mani hai suka