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Rapper EVE Talks New Single + Dream Collabo With Lauryn Hill + Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim Beef And New Rappers Azealia Banks & Iggy Azalea!

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Wow, its been a minute since we heard from Eve, musically.

Actually, nearly a decade since her last album Eve-Olution dropped.

So she recently dropped in on Women of Hip Hop to talk about her upcoming album Lip Lock, her dream collabo with Lauryn Hill (even though Eve said “unfortunately she’s [Lauryn Hill] in a bad mental place right now, but it would be a dream come true.”], the beefs between Lil’ Kim/Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea/Azealia Banks, discussed her old rivalries with Foxy Brown and Lil’ Kim, the return of herself, Missy Elliott and Lil’ Kim as well as the new crop of female MC’s.

Her single is due out end of April and she went in on how she feels about the current state of hip hop &…

On the Lil’ Kim vs. Nicki Minaj feud:

It’s not about publicity. It’s about wanting that respect. I think maybe that’s where Kim is coming from, like, you’re doing your thing right now and no one can take that away from you, Nicki—we all see it—but at the end of the day, if it wasn’t for Kim, she wouldn’t be here and that sh*t is real.

On her dream collaboration:

Lauryn Hill has always been my one dream collaboration. She to me is so dope lyrically. Unfortunately, she’s just in a place right now mentally, but that would be a dream come true.”

On new female rappers – Azealia Banks:

I like Azealia Banks. I think her style is dope. If you listen to her lyrics, she knows how to wordplay and I think that’s cute.

On new female rappers – Iggy Azalea:

I’m not really into the Iggy Azalea chick. I can’t really f*ck with her music, but her look is crazy. I just can’t believe it.”

On Nicki Minaj:

I know a lot of people are mad at her. But I get it, I get the whole sh*t, I know she’s going crazy. I know she’s going crazy at the mouth. Until somebody mentions me by name, I don’t care, do you – because all I can do is me.

On Lil Kim & Foxy Brown coming after her:

Even going back, Foxy and Kim both came at me in songs a long time ago, and I was like ‘whoa, are you’re serious?’ If you want to come see me, come see me for real – I’m not that girl. I will never forget, Foxy made a record about me and was talking about me on Hot 97 on the radio, talking wild craziness, but to me it makes me feel like – if you’re thinking about me that much – thinking about me everyday – I’m ‘f*ckin up your life’. So ‘oh well’.

On which five female MCs she would put on a record:

I would definitely have to get Missy [Elliott]. I would definitely have to do Kim ’cause I never got to do a record with Kim. Azealia Banks, I like her. A lot of people want me to hate on Nicki and say crazy things about her. I ain’t got nothing to say about her. Until somebody names me by name, then I don’t feel like nobody [is talking] about me. I wouldn’t have a problem putting her on a record.”

Check out the full interview below.


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