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Hottest Tech Startups From Africa: South African Tech Start Up, WHENPAGES.COM, Prepares To Launch Globally!

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Happy Monday boys & girls!

So we are privy to some tech start-ups that are coming out of Africa and lovin’ what these African innovators are coming up with! So what started as a domain search, grew into a start-up idea now called Whenpages, a Pretoria based global events start up gearing for launch on the 30th of April 2012.

Tendai Joe, a prolific social media user and consultant, wanted to buy a domain, and discovered that it was already owned by IOL.

“I wanted to develop an events site that would take people off their computers and mobile phones into real life meet ups. The idea grew from there as I tried to come up with a unique domain name. I ended up settling for Now my challenge was coming up with a concept that would work for such a domain name and that’s when the creative process started….”

So what is Whenpages?

Whenpages is a global time based platform for creating, sharing and discovering events, past, present and future. The site has unique features that make it attractive to users and this includes a LIVE BLOGGING feature, which allows anyone to create an event for free and then stream it ( Text and Photos) as it happens.

Whenpages is perfect for conference organizers, journalists, PR managers and avid bloggers who might feel the need to share whatever they will be witnessing.

Love the idea because Africa is one of the fastest regions to join Twitter & Facebook (and <- will share more infor on them soonest!). According to Tendai Joe, the development of Whenpages focused much on user generated content, which can also be shared on leading social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Everything on Whenpages will be content added by users. Small businesses can also take advantage of some of the features to share what they can, about their products.


Another interesting feature on the platform in the “Checkin” and “Checkout” feature, which allows a user to apply the “Passerby-witness-concept”, where you do not need to befriend  or follow someone be part of a conversation. By signing into a conversation, you can comment and have the conversation into your feed, and when no longer interested, you just CheckOut.

Whenpages‘ business model also allows them to generate income from embedded adverts in LiVEBLOGS which the user creates for free. LiveBlogs will have widgets, meaning they can be plugged into websites and blogs, making it easy for companies to generate traffic to their sites. Tendai Joe added that they have plans to create a premium LIVEBLOGGING product which is customizable and the creator can switch off adverts.

Whenpages can be used by anyone from anywhere around the world, although they have target markets where there is high internet penetration and growth.

“At the moment our focus is putting the product on the market and see how users receive it. After that we will go back to the drawing board and work on what needs to be done, whilst at the same time we look at supporting applications for the platform’’

Whenpages is based in Pretoria, South Africa and is being built from the founder’s Apartment in Sunnyside, Pretoria. However Tendai Joe says, location alone did not stop him from creating a disruptive product, considering all his other smaller achievements.

Tenda Joe is one of the few South Africans who have been fortunate enough to get paid to micro-blog ( Tweet) and among his top freelance gigs were Telkom, for the Telkom Knockout and HANSA ( SABMIller) for The HansaLegends Usher Tour.

Tendai Joe has officially endorsed and covered events in real time for Vodacom, TheGautrain, The Nelson Mandela Foundation among others. It is through his experiences that he realized there is a gap in the market that needs to be filled, hence the creation of Whenpages.

“We are looking forward to creating opportunities for application developers in South Africa and around the world.  I was disappointed though at the lack of talent and skills in Gaunteng. At some point I almost thought of moving to Silicon Cape ( Cape Town), where start-up growth seem to be healthy than here. However I managed to employ my plan B, which has turned out to be the best plan ever.”

Love. Love. Really love this!

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