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SHOEGASM: German Designer Makes Shoes From….DEAD ANIMALS?!

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Would you rock German designer, Iris Schieferstein‘s shoes?!?

German artist Iris Schieferstein, has worked with dead animals as raw material for her pieces of art for many years. She joins the fragments together to new creatures and thus gives a new face to death. No matter, if her arrangements follow paintings of the great masters of art or if the joined objects turn out to be whole words – her work always gives evidence of aesthetic intuition and her inclination to subtle entertainment. The earlier you die – the longer you are dead.

Check out an interview with her talking about her interesting shoe designs:

When and why did you use dead animals for your work? How did the whole thing started?

I started in 1990 using dead animals. Since I was a child  I was always fascinated by the sculptures on cemeteries as well the transformation of dead bodies. And because my grand father was a Priest I got in touch with the religion and the art of religion. But there were also the art, not the films, from David Lynch (he used to work with chicken wings) or the older pathologe Fragonard ,1800’s, which inspired me later. And for me, there was no sense to rebuilt something which is almost perfect made from the nature and for everyone else, only waste.  I started with fishes and thought they have to be liquid that they seemed to be alive.
How did you learn to work with dead animals?   

Learning by doing, as an autodidact .And later I used to work for an taxidermist. So I learned everything.

Where do all those animals come from?

Originally I used to take them from the street. But it is forbidden in Germany, that´s why I had a lot of trouble. Therefore you can get, at least 6 years in jail. Nearly all dead animals from the street, are protected by the government. Except what you can eat or shoot or breed.

So as an artiste what’s really inspire you?

The thoughts of the world? Life  in all facets.

How people react when they came up with your creations?

Some of them were shocked when they got the invitation card. Most women did because they think I am a sexist. They think I am not politically correct but when they imagine, that’s made by a woman, they got confused. I know it sounds odd, but usually people are fascinated and not shocked and they get calm when they are visiting the exhibition. For me, every opening is an experiment because I never know how people will react. And it is a pleasure to see. Even school classes are coming to visit the show.

Your art is quiet extreme, have you ever faced any criticism?

 For sure, they said I am ugly ,they will try to kill me …..almost people who think they are, the Animal Welfare Group . But usually these peoples are unhappy, most of them have no human relationship , so they love there dogs more than humans. And they forgot that dogs are no vegetarians.But there are also peoples who doesn’t like this art. No problem.

But, except who people react and the criticism, how do you really see your work? 

It is my way to talk. And I use dead animals like the literature is  using the fable. It is not far away of viewing habits . In the western history there were plenty examples of using ore preparing dead animals. Even the middle-age were painting animals and flowers by the beginning of an story. And I think art, is very important for any society  to open minds and give new influences . And art can be never more shocking than an society used to live. And in an global world it gets an other dimension of what we all doing or not doing.

Why exactly do you use dead animals to express the “new face to death”

If you think about death, you think about life . What I am doing is an ” homage to life “.

What about your “relationship” with nature?

It’s fine. I love nature. I am nature.

Tell me few things about yourself that you want to share with my readers!
Εnjoy life and think about

Any future plans? 

Yes, but that´s my secret ……

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Yeah Iris. I’ll pass. Thanks!

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