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Creative Recreation was officially launched in California in the United States in late 2002. With their range always having an emphasis on style, times and affordability, the brand is all about staying fresh and new.

The brand has grown from an idea between two friends to a worldwide phenomenon, including stores all over Europe, The U.K, America, Canada, Australia and now South Africa.

Creative Recreation believes in keeping things fresh! The very reason they asked, Blayze aka Dylan King, artist and owner of Blayze Entertainment, a record label which have hip-hop, afro-pop and house producers signed under the label, to be their brand ambassador.

Blayze’s decision to leave the safety net of the corporate world was a tough one but probably one of the most emotionally rewarding decisions he says he ever made. “Life’s short, you need to experience all that you can, pursue what you are passionate about and take risks. If you don’t, you’ll never know”. Blayze’s life maxim is Dream Big Hustle Hard, and he’s always strived to be successful at everything he’s put his mind to and this endeavor is no different.

Daniel Kerdachi, owner of Creative Recreation in South Africa says: “Blayze has the personality, charisma, and entertainment prowess to fit the Creative Recreation brand. As our footwear styles are always fresh and new, they emit Life with Style, and thus Blayze was chosen. Blayze is a guy who can show South Africans how to live our brand.”

Blayze was unveiled as the brand’s ambassador at an invite only event with Mzansi’s whose who, on Tuesday 20th March at Acorn Lane in Sandton, Johannesburg. Blayze says “It feels really great that Creative Recreation has recognized me as their ambassador and feels me worthy enough to align their brand to mine.

Creative Recreation will provide a copy of Blayze Entertainment’s mixtape with every pair of Creative Recreations sold countrywide.

*Press Release from African Star Communications

Farah Fortune

Media people checking their gifts

The press conference was short and sweet and those who were invited to the press conference received one of a kind pair of Creative Recreation sneakers. Was a bit sad that I did not get a pair, but at least i had fun.


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